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The Age Of Rock. Sounds Of The American Cultural Revolution Eisen, Jonathan (editor).
Vintage Books, New York
Pages: 388
Language: English Category: Add


From: Tan Mitsugu <>
  I'm not sure of the title, but there is an anthology of interviews which include some items about early FZ. It includes:

 #1) FZ Interview, by Frank Kofski. (1967) I think it is one of the earliest interview with Frank, which has very interesting discussion with the slightly-Marxist interviewer Mr. Kofski (I don't know the correct spelling of him). This interview took place in 1967 (the Garric theater era), just after Absolutely Free was released.

 #2) 'My brother is an Italian Mother' by Carl R. Zappa. (1968) Short essay about his relationship with his brother Frank. The content is almost his visiting to the infamous Log Cabin, where Frank chose to live after coming back from N.Y.

  The Japanese translation of this book includes these two items, but I heard a rumor that the original American edition has one more FZ interview.

From: (Cal Schenkel)
Subject: Re: Carl Zappa: My Brother is an Italian Mother
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 05:24:00 GMT

 Not Carl, but C. Robert (Bobby)- Frank's other brother.
 I think it was Life Magazine.

From: Chris Ekman <>
August 1968

My Brother Is an Italian Mother
By C. R. Zappa

From: Vladimir Sovetov
Yes, Charles R. Zappa. Jazz & Pop Magazine. 1968.
See My Brother Was a Mother. A Zappa Family Album

From: (Biffyshrew)
  This book contains three articles on FZ: the lengthy "Frank Zappa Interview" by Frank Kofsky, "In Person: The Mothers Of Invention" by Doon Arbus, and "Zappa And The Mothers: Ugly Can Be Beautiful" by Sally Kempton. I'd like to quote the beginning of the Kempton piece, because it so perfectly evokes the mood of the Uncle Meat album for me:

  It is 1 A.M. on a Friday night and the Mothers of Invention are recording part of the soundtrack for their forthcoming movie. Ian is playing the harpsichord and Bunk is playing the flute. They huddle together in a cluster of microphones, Bunk leaning over Ian's shoulder to read the music propped up on the harpsichord stand. Bunk wears a goatee and a matching moustache, and his long thick hair is gray (in the studio light it looks like a powdered wig). Resembling a figure in an old etching, he bends closer to Ian, his flute poised, and Ian straightens his back and places his fingers on the harpsichord keys. Poised like musicians at a 19th century musicale, they wait for a signal to begin. One feels they are waiting to play a Mozart sonata.
  Inside the control booth, Frank Zappa, wearing a T-shirt bearing the legend "Herzl Camp, Garner, Wisconsin," is fiddling with knobs on the control board. "You're going to have to do the parody notes a little more staccato, Ian," he says through the intercom.
  "You want a little bebop vibrato on that too?" calls Ian.
  "Yeah, a little bebop a go go," says Frank. Dick Cunk, the engineer, flips the "record" switch.
  "Okay, for fame and stardom," says Frank. "You ready?"
  Ian and Bunk begin to play a series of dissonant, rhythmic, oddly beautiful chords. The people in the control booth listen intently.
  "This is going to be a nice soundtrack," someone says.
  Frank Zappa is bent over a music sheet, writing out the next piece...

From: Bill <>
 It looks like the book "Age of Rock" was reprinted under the name "The Rock Giants", Pauline Rivelli and Robert Levin eds, 1970, The World Publishing Company: it has the Frank Kofsky interview, and the Carl Zappa article. It also has 3 FZ pics, one of which is from a MOI studio session, showing FZ using one of the first wah wah pedals ever.

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