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Alla Zappa Gwerder, Urban.
Edition Bucherkarawane, Adliswil, Switzerland
Pages: 82
Language: German Category: About

Alla Zappa Gwerder, Urban.
Edition Bucherkarawane, Adliswil, Switzerland
Pages: Unknown
Language: German Category: About
2nd edition


From: (Jeff Rocca)
  I spotted a thin paperback book in my local CD store. [ Mon, 23 Jan 95] It had a black and white cover with a picture of Frank on it and the words "Alla Zappa." That's all I know about it, since it was sealed in cellophane and the store clerk was not willing to open it.

From: (Johannes Labisch)
  I bought that a long time ago. If memory serves right, it was a booklet that came out about the time when Zoot Allures came out, so it's not very young. It consists mostly of articles by Urban Gwerder, a austrian or swiss journalist. I don't like his style, it's too much into the "Wow! Great!" direction.
  The most interesting thing is the layout. It's shape is not like a rectangle! The sides are parallel, but the angles are not 90 degrees.

From: (David G. Walley)
  Urban Gwerder used to be the publisher of an underground newspaper called Hotscha! a very early Zappa 'zine. I've been trying to contact him for years. He was a Swiss from Geneva at one time, and his stuff it terrific, it's just a shame I don't understand Swiss German, but then again there are at least three or four different dialects so they don't understand each other too well.

  Urban Gwerder is a Swiss poet from Zurich. He was one of the earliest Zappa fans and published a lot of articles etc. in the underground magazine "Hotscha" (1968-71). He then did some Zappa-only-fanzines called "Hot Ratz Times". He now lives in Zurich again and I think could be contacted there. He speaks English. He met Frank Zappa several times and was a friend of his. He had one of the biggest Zappa archives in the world but - unfortunately - the archive does not exist anymore.

From: "M. Deflem" <>
 I have a copy of Alla Zappa (in its 2nd edition). It is a great fanbook, approved and with some contribution by FZ. It was released on the occasion of the Mothers shows in Zurich in March 1976 and the exhibition of Urban Gwerder's 'Zapparchives,' the Zark-Expo, that went along with it. It contains a cover, two-page opening pix (of young FZ, and FZ with Mrs. Louis Varese in 1974); 64 pages of text and images; and 14 great pages of largely unpublished pictures. The text is mostly in German and contains: a preface on the book and its author, a lengthy introduction into Zappa and the Mothers, more pics, copies of early newspaper articles on the Mothers, a copy of FZ's membership folio in the United Mutations, cartoons, letters, the Absolutely Free song lyrics, musical notes, band members tree, and more. It is great!

 Alla Zappa was published by Urban Gwerder (born 1944), who is from Zurich, Switzerland. Gwerder first published articles on FZ in an underground publication called 'Hotscha!' and thereafter edited the FZ-fanzine 'Hot Ratz Times' (11 editions, 1973-75). Gwerder was quite close to FZ, traveling with him on European tours. He maintained a very extensive archive of FZ-related materials by the name 'Zapparchive,' abbreviated as ZARK. In the mid-70s, Gwerder moved with his family to live in the Swiss Alps where he became a farmer and continued his poetry. In 1993, he went back to the city of Zurich. He does not, I believe, use the internet and deals with people in the reality of life only. In 1998, Gwerder published 'Im Zeichen des magischen Affen' (In the Sign of the Magic Monkey), a 350-page book, in both male and female versions, a thousand copies of which included a companion CD, with some Mothers music from Zurich (1974) and Zappa interview. Gwerder still lives in Zurich, I assume. He continues to write poetry, CD liner notes and more, and occasionally appears in publications and on radio.

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