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Untersuchungen zum musikalischen Schaffen von Frank Zappa. Eine musiksoziologische und analytische Studie zur Bestimmung eines musikalischen Stils Ludwig, Wolfgang.
P. Lang, Frankfurt am Main, Bern, Paris
ISBN: 3-631-45128-8
Pages: 300
Language: German Category: About


From: Langer@Stud-Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE (Patrick Langer)
  Musical analysis with many transcriptions.
  I'm not sure if anybody has been pleased by the [ book ] I own except for the salesmen who sold them to me. Not that the books are too bad, but I guess I then discovered that being busy with FZ's body of work in a musicologic or sociologic way is not very satisfying for me. With their tools they can only scratch the surface. So I prefer to listen and...make music. It's a little bit more fulfilling though I won't claim that I dive deeper that way than those other philostrophers.
  It is part of the European University Studies; series XXXVI, Musicology; Vol. 88

From: Marco Bazzoli <>
DESCRIPTION PHYSIQUE: 300 p. : mus. ; 21 cm
COLLECTION: Europaische Hochschulschriften . Reihe 36 . Musikwissenschaft ; 88
NOTE: Diss. Berlin 1991 * Bibliogr. et discogr. p. 285-300
MOT-MATIERE: Zappa Frank 1940-1993 -- Critique et interpretation

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