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A Definitive Tribute To Frank Zappa Guitar Player Magazine.
Miller Freeman, San Francisco
ISSN: 1063-4533
Pages: 88
Language: English Category: Mags
(Best of Guitar Player series, May, 1994)


From: (Marco Bazzoli)
  It's a periodical publication based on Guitar Player and Keyboard, six time a year (trust me: I'am a librarian) :-) Miller Freeman: phone: (415) 905-2200, fax: (415) 905-2233 (MARC S. GREENBERG) wrote:
  Guitar Player Magazine, in their "Best of Guitar Player" series released an entire issue devoted to FZ entitled: "A Definitive Tribute to Frank Zappa". This was released in the Spring of 1994. Try 415-905-2200

From: Paul Remington <>
  You can get back issues of "A Difinitive Tribute to Frank Zappa" and also "Zappa", which is also an issue devoted to Frank containing tons of interviews with Frank, his family and work associates. If you call to order "A Difinitive Tribute...", also ask for the "Zappa" issue, it's well worth it!

From: (brstr2::sysman)
I just picked up the may issue of Best of Guitar Player", titled:

"Outspoken interviews with modern music's subversive genius"

It has these interviews:

- "One Size Fits All" by Steve Rosen, jan 1977
- "Little Band We Used To Play In" by Michael Davis, jun 1980
- "Sidemen Mars/Wolf/Barrows" by Michael Davis, jun 1980
- "Not Exactly Duane Allman" by Tom Mulhern, feb 1983
- "The Sin In Synclavier" by Dan Forte, jun 1986
- "Jazz From Hell" by Robert Doerschunk & Jim Aikin, feb 1987
- "The Mother Of All Interviews, part 1" by Don Menn, apr 1992
- "Part 2. Belgian Waffles In Plastic" by Don Menn & Matt Groenig, apr 1992
- "Endpaper" by editor

All in all 88 pages of excellent (small print!) interviews.

From: (Bill Lantz)
  It is in the Interview called "One Size Fits All (1977) and is in the Miller Freedman's A Definitive Tribute to Frank Zappa.
  Steve Rosen: What about the contemporary heavies, like Jeff Beck or John McLaughlin?
  Frank Zappa: I like Jeff, yeah. I've listened to "Wired" [Epic], and there are a couple of solos on there that I like. And I like some of his stuff on "Rough and Ready" [Epic]. A person woud be a moron not to appreciate McLaughlin's technique. The guy has certainly found out how to operate a guitar as if it were a machine gun. But I'm not always enthusiastic about the lines I hear or the ways in which they're used. I don't think you can fault him, though, for the amount of time and effort it must have taken to play an instrument that fast. I think anybody who can play that fast is just wonderful. And I'm sure 90% of teenage America would agree, since the whole trend in the business has been "faster is better."

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