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The Dangerous Kitchen. The Subversive Art of Frank Zappa Courrier, Kevin.
ECW Press, Toronto
ISBN: 1-55022-447-6
Pages: 250
Language: English Category: About


From: fyodor (
 Just read the new Zappa bio - DANGEROUS KITCHEN The Subversive World of Zappa by Kevin Courrier. Although DK also nicely details the events of FZ's life, the focus here in on his music. Any Zappaphile is aware of FZ's basic musical roots from Stravinsky and Varese to 1950's style doo-wop but the detail to which Courrier goes into these roots is well worth the read.

 DK attempts to present the recipe for FZ's music by deconstructing it in much the same fashion a young Stevie Vai went about transcribing "The Black Page." Add one part Stravinsky and two parts Johnny "Guitar" Watson to the American political and social atmosphere of the second half of the twentieth century. Mix it all up in the mind of a man with a mind of his own.

 "...Zappa was a consumer of American culture. He was shaped by the cheapness of Cold War monster movies during the Eisenhower '50s, as well as the fierce authenticity of '60s pop, and it's baby boomer self-importance..."

 Courrier is obviously a fan; moreover a knowledgeable well read one with an excellent background in music. He goes about his task with a straightforward chronological presentation of the albums, the cds and the concerts. He talks about the music and the lyrics - with especial teenage preoccupation on the naughty bits. You will find here all the anecdotes you've heard before, plus some you haven't and some you've forgotten.

 DANGEROUS KITCHEN is well worth the read whether it is your first Zappa biography or your fifteenth.

From official ECW Press Preview
 Kevin Courrier is an entertainment journalist who lives in Toronto. His previous books include the very successful Law and Order Companion.

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