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Zappa. Electric Don Quixote Slaven, Neil.
Omnibus Press, London
ISBN: 0-7119-5983-8(hardcover) / 0.7119.6095.X(softback)
Pages: 352
Language: English Category: About
12 b/w stills


 Reviews from The Wire(UK) December 1996 #154, p.68 by BEN WATSON!! ( )

  "Neil Slaven is a British Blues Boom producer and blues writer. It's unfortunate he doesn't put this experience to work. Electric Don Quixote is what is termed a 'scissors-and- paste job. Hence Zappologists will know 95 per cent of the material, while civilians will find it dry and fragmentary. Apart from irritating first-edition typos and name misspellings, it is at least accurate. However, it's also incredible dull. Quixote's blur claims that Slaven has written "the definitive last word", but current research by Finland's Zappological supremo, Juha Romppanen, is unearthing reams of fresh material. Rather than merely amassing clippings, Romppanen is actively interviewing protagonists. All historians concede that the idea of the definitive account is illusory. As with Hendrix, the Zappa biographies will get fatter and fatter as the years proceed: Slaven's book will be superseded, simply because he has so little of his own to contribute."

From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
 The Real "STRAIGHT" biography from the man who seems to read all FZ interviews on Earth and listened to all Uncle's records and tapes in Universe. No marxism, no freudism, just facts, facts and errors:-)) of course.
 The only book with the full name of the genious exposed - Frank Vicent Zappa Jr. II.

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