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Fat Man On The Left. Four Decades in The Undeground Rolfe, Lionel.
California Calssic Books, LA
ISBN: 1-879395-01-0
Pages: 184
Language: English Category: Add


From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  This is my Aug,1998 report to

  Hiya, friends,

  Have you ever heard that Nigey Lennon, the author of Being Frank: My Time with Frank Zappa, controversial bio of our Uncle Frank was married? And very much so!-)) Now she's divorced, but for some time enjoyed regular family life with the guy named Lionel Rolfe.
  And he is happen to be nephew of Yehudi Menuhin and the writer as well. Despite the fact that he never have slept with Frank or played with him on stage, Rolfe just published the autobiographic book

Fat Man On The Left. Four Decades in The Undeground.

 which contain couple of pages that could be interesting for FZ fans. Of course, they depict former husband view on Nigey-Frank realtionship. The place in question startes in the middle of page 20.

  "It was also during this time I met Nigey, my future wife. She was cold, tired and hungry the first time we get together. She was 19 and I had just turned 30, and was living a relatively wild bachelor life in Hollywood. I had broken up with Dianna, my first wife and mother of my children, Heather and Haila. Nigey had no permanent place to live and was sleeping on a friend's coach. A short time before, she had been living in the basement of Frank Zappa's house on Woodrow Wilson Drive in Laurel Canyon where she had been a secret lover as well as a guest. But Nigey and Zappa also had an intense musical reationship. She watched the great musical cynic cry as he played her some Bartok, for example."

  Rolfe mused with the subject at some length like this:

  "Sometimes Nigey's parroting of Zappa' musical views irritated me a lot. Perhaps my feeling was influenced by the thought that she still made love to him from time to time."

  "One night shortly after we started living together, Nigey said she wanted to go and make dirty love to Capt.Beefheart."

  Then abrupty indulge in 7 pages long and really boring Shneersohns and lubavitchis Torah-yarmulke stuff intermission, before returning to Nigey-Frank thingies conclusion, p.31

  "When he [Zappa]died, though, I think Nigey rued that decision. His influence had stayed with her all those years, if not in body certainly in spirit. I encouraged her to write a piece about him which run in the London Independent. From that, she kept writing - day and night for several months - until she finished her book, Being Frank: My Time with Frank Zappa."

  On most hot Nigey question, when and where she performed with Mothers Rolfe's answer is third-party eye-witness account who "saw her perfom on stage with Zappa at Carnegie Hall."

  That's all. And as a side note, the guy still seems to be in love with his former wife Nigey Lennon. Believe it or not.

  For full story see the book. pp.20-23 and p.31

From: (Biffyshrew)
 Ironically, the Carnegie Hall show is one concert that Lennon herself specifically says she *didn't* play at, or even attend. Zappa did, however, mention her name from the stage. See chapter 6 of _Being Frank_.
  (Details, details: Lennon actually says that there were *two* Carnegie Hall shows, and that the one FZ dedicated to her in her absence was the second. She also says that earlier she had been looking forward to being on stage for this show, because "I'd be able to tell people I appeared at Carnegie Hall." I infer from this that she doesn't claim to have performed on the first night either, or she *would* have been able to make the above claim.)

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