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The Frank Zappa Guitar Book Vai, Steve (transcriptions).
Hal Leonard Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ISBN: 0-7119-0223-2
Pages: 302
Language: English Category: Songs
(with Steve Vai intro and FZ afterword)


From: David Scurr <>
  FZ's Guitar Book includes guitar solos from 8 albums

From: (David Smith)
Distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
7777 West Bluemound Road
P.O. Box 13819
Milwaukee, WI 53213

Introduction 5
Steve Vai, Transcriber 6
The Copyists 7
Notation 8

Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar 9
five-five-FIVE 10
Hog Heaven 17
While You Were Out 44
Treacherous Cretins 70
Heavy Duty Judy 79
Soup'n Old Clothes 90

Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar Some More 107
Variations on The Carlos Santana Secret
Chord Progression 108
Gee, I Like Your Pants 118
The Deathless Horsie 124
Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar Some More 136
Pink Napkins 153

Return Of The Son of Shut Up'n Play
Yer Guitar 159
Stucco Homes 160

Joe's Garage, Acts II & III 213
Watermelon In Easter Hay 214
Packard Goose 226
Outside Now 243
He Used To Cut The Grass 250

Sheik Yerbouti 269
Sheik Yerbouti Tango 270
Rat Tamago 275
Mo' Mama (unreleased) 281

Zoot Allures 291
Black Napkins 292

A Few Words For Those Who Managed To
Get This Far 302

  Also some occasional errata for proud owners of the book collected by Johan Wikberg

From: Jeremy Henty
 Page 189, bars 215-216 of "Stucco Homes": The score shows the lead guitar playing a 7-note chord! How is this possible? The notes are A, F sharp, D, B, G, A, D, played as a descending arpeggio, all of which are held for another 5 beats.

From: Biffyshrew
 It isn't possible. This is an obvious error in transcription. I don't have time to check the record right now, but I notice that it would be virtually impossible to fret the top five notes as written, but if you omit the B you get a very comfortable fingering.

From: "Johan Wikberg" <>
 Page 66, bars 163-164 of "While You Were Art": The rhythm in these two bars does not compute. The last note in bar 161 is part of a triplet and a 13:14-tuplet, which doesn't work out, so if you add it up you don't quite get two 3/4 bars' worth of rhythm.

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