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Hot Rats Aledort, Andy (transcriptions).
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ISBN: 0634021524
Pages: 72
Language: English Category: Songs


From: "Matti Salminen" <>

 Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 16:05:16 GMT

 Hot Rats - Authentic Trascriptions
 This is a BRAND NEW BOOK with Authentic Transcriptions with Notes and Tablature for HOT RATS!! This is #1 of a soon to be a huge collection. Songs from the book include, Peaches en Regalia, Willie the Pimp, Son of Mr. Green Genes, Little Umbrellas, The Gumbo Variations and It Must Be A Camel. There is a introduction by Matt Groening.


From: Doug Boucher
  ... but I'm so happy they did anything at all that I won't bother complaining too much. I DO wish they'd done more with Little Umbrellas, particularly the "keyboard ensemble solo" section that they merely give basic chords to. But damn, it sure is nice that there's something out there, eh?

From: Craig Jones
 From memory, Andy Aledort told me that it was done that way because he percieved that the keyboard section was not a "written" part that FZ would have wanted played that way, but a keyboard improvisation.(Apologies to Andy if this is not exactly what he said)

From: Andy Aledort <>
  Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 08:10:00 -0400

 I did the "Hot Rats" book, and as Craig says in his post, the "keyboard ensemble part" was transcribed that way because I believe it was improvised and not written. Of course, major sections of three-part horn arrangements are transcribed in the book (arranged for guitar, no less) so I think the complaining should be kept to a minimum. It would have been nice to have been furnished with charts, soloed-out tracks, etc., but alas it had to be done by ear. And obviously it's pretty silly to complain that the keyboard ensemble part is not transcribed, and then imply that it's a waste of paper to transcribe the guitar solos in their entirety because someone is not interested in learning them note-for-note. That is not really the point, as we all know. By the way, I get paid more than $25 a page to transcribe books--that fee just covers single guitar or bass parts for instruction purposes, not whole arrangements, and what gets transcribed and how is up to my discretion.

 Anyhow, I've always loved the "Hot Rats" album, and I'm glad it's finally transcribed! I am currently working on "Apostrophe." If anyone has questions, you can email me directly

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