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In His Own Words Miles, Barry.
Omnibus Press, London
ISBN: 0.7119.3100.3
Pages: 96
Language: English Category: About

Frank Zappa omin sanoin Miles, Barry.
Tammi, Helsinki
ISBN: 951-31-0406-0
Pages: 96
Language: Finnish Category: About
(Finnish translation of "Frank Zappa In His Own Words". This one contains no extra material as the German counterpart reportedly does)
Freak Out. Frank Zappa No Seikatsu To Iken (in English - Frank Zappa's life and his opinion) Miles, Barry.
Blues Interactions, Tokyo, Japan
ISBN: 4-938339-09-9
Pages: 277
Language: Japanese Category: About
(Japanese translation of In His Own Words by Hamano Akio)
Frank Zappa - In eigenen Worten Miles, Barry.
Palmyra Verlag, Hamburg
ISBN: 3-930378-08-6
Pages: Unknown
Language: German Category: About
(German translation of In His Own Words. Foreword by Vaclav Havel)


  I acquired this volume [In His Own Words] at a record convention here in Austin over the weekend, and I must say that it's a nice read. The book is comprised of quotations from FZ over many years on a variety of topics. (There's also a few nice pix.) It sells for fifteen bucks, and is ninety-six pages in length.
  This book isn't some slapped-together hunk o' cheese like "Viva Zappa!" is.

From: (OnTheCornr)
 FRANK ZAPPA IN HIS OWN WORDS by Miles is a book of quotes. Fun.

From: (Pat Buzby)
  The Miles books were part of a series which also included several other major league rock acts, some of whom aren't even dead yet (Clapton, Floyd, etc.), so I don't know if this last sentence is entirely fair.

From: Edi Weitz <>
  ... [german translation] has some interviews in it that cannot be found in the English version. They originally appeared in the German publications "Der Spiegel", "Frankfurter Rundschau" and "Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin" in 1991/92.

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