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Zappa! Guitar Player Magazine.
Unknown, Unknown
ISSN: Unknown
Pages: 104
Language: English Category: Mags
Special issue


From: ("Steven M. Hill")
  I have this issue of GP entitled "ZAPPA" All I can say is get it, get it now, get it quick. The photography is excellent. The interviews with FZ are great. There is a host of info on all matters pertaining to FZ, his live performances, his studio setups, his biz.,his family, his compositonal techniques, loads of folklore and interviews with many associates. It's one of the better recent (1yr appx.)tributes. You can check out the intended art work for Civilisation III, or thrill to the insider folklore of his closest working colleagues etc.

 Index :
Frank Zappa :- The Mother of all Interviews
Zappa Music to Make your skin crawl :- "The girl in the Magnesium Dress" (a transcription,yes!) "The (Unanswered) Cluster 1a"
"Insight from stuffed shirts, tight collars, and old geezers"
Nicolas Slonimsky :- The Century's preeminent Lexicographer nails FZ down
Kent Nagano :- Premiering Zappa with the LSO
Andreas Molich-Zebhauser :- Preparing Ensemmble Moderne for the Frankfurt Fetstival
Warren De Martini :- Ratt guitarist turns Zappa stylist
Aynsley Dunbar :- Former MOI drummer
Dweezil,Ahmet,Moon&Diva Zappa :- Like Father like Munchkins
Matt Groening :- The Simpson's Creator:"Frank was my Elvis"
"Barking Pumpkin Records,Munchkin Music,Barfko-Swill, Frank & Gail Zappa,Proprietors"
How it all works with Gail Zappa - Wife,Mom,Fighty-Biyey's feeder, Music Mogul
"The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen"
Dave Dondorf :- In the URMK:It breaks,He fixes
Spencer Chrislu :- Engineer of the right formulas in the Baby Milk Factory
Ali Askin :- Just another Bavarian Music Preparation specialist
Todd Yvega :- Software surgeon,Sample Trimmer,Smarter than a Synclavier
Simon Prentis :- Hmmm...How show "Yellow Snow" in Japanese?
Marque Coy :- Head Mechanic in Joe's Garage
Harry Andronis :- Mixmaster outside the kitchen
Van Carlson :- Emmy-winning electronic photographer
On vinyl,tape,cd - The first authorized Complete FZ Audio/Visual catalog
Significant others - Joel Thorme & Beverly D'Angelo

From: (G.D. Pratt)
  Frank Zappa on the recording of Trout Mask Replica and The Blimp - from 1993 ZAPPA! Special from Guitar Player

[GP:] What do you think of Don's [Van Vliet's] music?
[FZ:] The best of it is unbelievable, and the worst of it is
under the influence of some really bad AR people at Warner Brothers.
But there are things on Trout Mask Rephca that are unbelievable, and on
Clear Spot also.
[GP:] Is there more from the Trout Mask period.
[FZ:] There are some other things. Yes.
[GP:] Do you think those will ever come out?
[FZ:] I don't know. There were things in the original sessions
that he didn't want to have used. The original plan for the album was
to do it like an ethnic field recording. He and his group lived in a
house out in the [San Fernando] Valley, so I wanted to take a portable
rig and record the band in the house, and use the different rooms in
the house as isolation--very slight. The vocals get done in the
bathroom. The drums are set up in the living room. The horn gets played
in the garden, all this stuff. And we went over there and set it up,
and did tracks that way. I thought they sounded good, but suddenly he
was of the opinion that I was just trying to be a cheapskate producer,
and not do any studio time. So I said, ``Well, you want to go in the
studio? Let's go.'' So--
[GP:] There's a little bit of it on the a1bum, isn't there?
[FZ:] Yeah. There's some stuff off of a cassette machine that we
wanted to have in there--``Dust Blows Forward, Dust Blows Back.''
[GP:] And ``The Blimp.'' That's yours.
[FZ:] I was in the studio mixing some other tapes, and the band
that's playing on ``The Blimp'' is actually the Mothers Of Invention.
The vocal on ``The Blimp'' was recorded by telephone. He had just
written these lyrics, and he had one of the guys in the band recite it
to me over the phone. I taped it in the studio, and recorded it onto
the piece of tape that I had up at the time, which was my track. So,
that's how that came about.
[GP:] And now your version of ``The Blimp'' is out on
the re-release version of Weasels Ripped My Flesh, too.
[FZ:] It's also going to be on this new episode of ``You Can't Do That
On Stage Anymore''. The piece is called ``Charles Ives.'' We used to play it
on the '68-'69 tour.

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