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Pappa Zappa Sovetov, Vladimir.
Vladimir Sovetov, Kemerovo, Russia
Pages: 344
Language: Russian Category: About


From August 1997 news flow.

 Hiya friends,
  This is sort of the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT concerning my book about our dear Uncle Frank published this June here in Russia.
  To put it short it's a book in russian written for russians. That doesn't mean boring compilation of different respected sources but rather what Calvin Schenkel once discribed privately as funny and peculiar east-european approach.
  The book consists of a short biography (pp.9-58) and a long album annotaion section that includes all official releases from "Freak Out!" to "Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa", most annotations are followed by russian translations of selected lyrics (Billy The Mountain, Greggary, Yellow Snow, Porno Wars etc, most famous 70 or 80 of 'em representing all sides of his wit).
  All russian materials are original.
  Besides being the first and the only book in russian about FZ, it's also one of the few (if any) directly born by Internet. A lot of words said about it in the Foreword and a lot of you affz-guys mentioned. In fact apart from special thanks to really special friends like Rob Sweet, Robbert Heederik, David Walley and a like I also extracted all From: lines from all the affz FAQs I happen to maintain and simply added the names as an acknowledgement.
  The project was 100% non-commercial and still is in this stage of its progress. It means that
1. I paid for everything myself and don't expect any profit.
2. Any one of you can get his own copy of the book's proofs at
  The long delay between publishing date and this official announcement was due to heavy unauthorised usage of Frank lyrics in this non-profit semi-educational, semi-research project. The copy of the book was sent to Gail in June and because she is still silent I concluded that she doesn't object me being a little bit wrong:-))))
  So enjoy and thank you!

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