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Frank Zappa. Plastic People. Corrected Copy. Songbuch Weissner, Carl (translation).
Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt
Pages: 496
Language: German/English Category: Songs


From: Johannes Labisch <>
  Every song is on the left page in english, on the right page you have a german translation (which is not very good as I know now, but it helped me to learn some nasty english words. :-) )
  I don't know if it still is in print now. I heard a rumour that they are working on a second(third) edition containing the words of ALL LPs/CDs. (It now has only the words up to Bongo Fury, and Lumpy Gravy is missing.)

From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  'Cause I lost another very informative Joe's posting :-(((((( I should explain myself that the words Corrected Copy mean one but very important thing. Lyrics ( mostly transcribed by some brave Germen ) was later CORRECTED by FZ himself. So you would cherrish not only nasty words :-) but also the genuine Frank (handwrited!) remarkes and corrections.
  The whole history goes like this. The copy of first edition ( unauthorised I believe ) was given to Frank during one of his German tour. Ok, - he called next day, - I like it, send me another 200 copies. Man! Are you kiddin'? But it was done. And after a while as compensation arrived from USA a copy with Frank own handwriting on many pages. And was printed as it was and called Corrected Copy.
  Beautiful book, but some omission is very disappointing. No Help I'm A Rock in Freak Out! section. No Strictly Genteel and Be-Bop Tango to gloriously end 200 Motels and Roxy respectively. Nobody's perfect, you know :-)

From: (Edi Weitz)
  Another little anecdote for those of you who do not live in German speaking countries:
  German publisher "Zweitausendeins" once sold a book with Zappa song texts from "Freak Out" to "Apostrophe" called "Plastic People". It had the English text on the right pages and the German translation on the left ones. The 1st edition was unauthorized. But afterwards they gave a copy to Frank and he made some corrections to it. The 2nd edition was a facsimile print of the 1st with FZ's handwritten notes in it. Of course, he almost exclusively corrected the English text - with one exception:
  In the "Dummy Up" dialogue, in the translation of the question "Where have you been living, Reseda?" he crossed out "Reseda" and replaced it with "Pforzheim"...
  Has anyone ever been to Reseda AND Pforzheim and compared these two???? :)

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