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The Rock Generation Benson, Dennis C..
Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN
ISBN: 0-687-36531-7
Pages: 80
Language: English Category: Add


From: Paul Core <>
  This is a weird book that a youth pastor who is trying to be hip might be interested in. It investigates life and religion using rock references. Exercises and games using rock music are included. There is a board game called "Gig" where you try to make it to the top in the music business. It includes "The Breaks" cards (similar to Chance or Community Chest in Monopoly). Overall both the book and it's games miss the point much like the youth pastors who ultimately are never hip, try as they might.
  There are two flexi-discs included with the book. The interviews on these discs are for use with exercises and games in the book. Includes interviews with John McLaughlin, John Lennon, Alice Cooper, Bob Weir, Steve Marriot, Cheech Marin, Cass Elliot, Jim Croce, and Frank Zappa. The following is a transcription of Frank's contribution, titled "Decorating Time".

  "I decorate time for other people and in the process I decorate time for my own amusement. So I just go around decorating pieces of time with physical activity, notes, agitated air, and things like that. You can decorate time in a number of ways, there's all different kinds of architecture. There's all different kinds of design. There's all different kinds of time density. And depending on how much interest you have in appreciating decorated time, then that will indicate how intensely that time may be decorated before it peaks your mind out. You know some people will see or be exposed to a decorated time event and be boggled by it because it is just too active for them to perceive, they can't unravel it. And other people will see a time event that might be wonderful for one person or for another person might be too boring because there's not enough going on. I have a tendency to take time and work it to death. (there is the sound of an edit here)
  We went through all those dilemmas, sittin' around goin' 'Oh, what do we do with the kids?' I think the best thing to do is give them a little briefing. Tell 'em, 'You're going to be going to public school. They're a little weird out there but just be tough and get down there and do it.
  I can only speak from experience with my own kids 'cause they're the ones that I hang out with the most. They make up there own things that are fun to do and whatever they like to do, we just let 'em do it. If they want to draw on the wall, (laughing) go ahead! As a matter of fact, when we found out that they could draw very well on the wall, we got some unfinished furniture and gave them some magic markers and told them to do the furniture too. Whenever they do pictures we always save them and put 'em up. They're encouraged to be as artistically creative as they want to be. They dance. If we put on a Stravinsky record they go berserk, they run around the living room. Moon and Dweezil both they do ballet. They also like to do stunts. As an alternative solution if you think ballet is a little bit too puffterish, they also like to kick things over and wrestle. Dweezil likes Kung Fu and Karate. You know, like that. They decorate their time very well."

 The flexi discs are worth hearing if you like interviews (there is no music) but the book is hopeless.

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