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Suplik plny Zappy a Hratky s Beefheartem Doruzka, Petr.
Paseka, Prace
ISBN: 80-85192-17-9, 80-208-0138-3
Pages: 312
Language: Czech Category: About


From: Robert Riedt <>

 I have this book - but, of course, can`t read it.

 Notes & comments:

1. (c) 1991 Petr Doruzka
Few words about bootleg albums (c) Vladimir Zan 1991
Zappa as a serious composer (c) Jaroslav Stastny 1991
Translation of Beefheart poetry (c) Angelika Hanauerova 1991

  2. Besides the text, that I can`t understand (Freak Out & Hot Rats Time, 200 Motels, Politics, Drugs, Varese, Beefheart) there are a lot of nice, never seen before color and b/w photos of Zappa, especially in Prague and some Beefheart photos & paintings.

  About title wrote to soc.culture.czecho-slovak:

  I'm a maintainer of Frank Zappa' Bibliography web page. Someone sent me some time ago the title of the czech book on Zappa

Suplik plny Zappy a hratky s Beefheartem

  Would anyone like to help with translation. Alas altavista couldn't help, the only word I found was plny - full. Is it something like

Basket full of Zappa and fooling around with Beefheart?

  I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

From: Hana Bizek <>

 "suplik" is really "desk drawer" in Czech. Otherwise the sentence seems to be correct.

 PS ... "basket" in czech "kosuk", not quite same as "suplik" but close.
 PPS If this sounds confusing, maybe a linquist can clarify.

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