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Torchum Never Stops. Vol. 1,2,3 and 4. Torchure Team.
Torchure Team, Germany
Pages: 796
Language: English Category: Ref


From: ("Martyn Dryden")
  Classic fan items as well as invaluable references. (Vol 1 lists all the official releases BTW.) I'd rate these above all other books except Miles' and NDOPP. They contain only 100% pure facts, many of them unobtainable elsewhere, nobody's stupid opinions (why pay for them, I've got my own), no after-taste.

From: (David Demery)
  Each volume is A4 sized, and contains around 200 pages. The books essentially break down into Vol. I - vinyl, Vol. II - CDs & cassettes, Vol. III - bootlegs, Vol. IV - live dates, plus updates to Vols. I to III. The books were put together by a group of German fans, so the English is not perfect (but what do you expect?). The books are essentially `hand- made', and in many instances the entries are merely copied from the album covers, as are the visuals. However, where these books do score is in the coverage of obscure releases -- Promos, special editions, pressings from around the World, different cover art, etc. Whilst I have heard that a lot of this information is ripped off from Zappalog, while that book remains out of print, the Torchum books do fill a gap.
  Volume IV contains a list of Zappa concerts over the years (not complete!), but does not contain set-lists; however, you could work some of them out by using the bootleg sections to find out what was played. You can get them from some book/CD shops here in Europe. I bought my own copies from Medium Music Books in Munster (that's u umlaut, folks), Germany. Details are:

Medium Music Books
Rosenstrasse 5/6
D-48143 Munster ---- remember the umlaut!

Tel. +49-251-46-000
Fax. +49-251-46-745

  When I bought my copies one year ago, the price was DM. 29.80 per volume, without postage, so that's about $80 (in total) plus whatever they would charge to send them to you. I have no idea about what they accept as payment methods -- I used Eurocheques -- so US and other overseas people should ask them about that.
  I'm sure Barfko-Swill know exactly what these books are; however, they were not Zappa-endorsed, so they're hardly likely to help you. Since the books were meant to be done as a non-profit making exercise, one wonders what FZ would complain about, after all, they were books made by fans for other fans -- the person who stood to benefit most from their existence was FZ!

From: Ale Mail <>
  In actual fact, the books made a loss for the Torchum Team (Reinhard and Willi, plus Peter the printer), which is a great shame considering the amount of time and effort put into them (having helped print/collate/bind these by hand, I can appreciate it!).
  We presented Frank with a signed set (number #1 - they were limited to 2000) via Dweezil at the Yellow Shark gigs at Frankfurt. Frank apparently read them and no writ was forthcoming from SheWhoCannotBeNamed so I guess he wasn't too upset by them (compared with his apopleptic fit pover Viva Zappa).
  They are full of errors, but one has to bear in mind that the information came from many sources, not all of which are reliable or verifiable. Plus the fact that they were produced by a couple of Zappaphiles for whom English is not their first language (and in the case of the first couple of volumes) typed up on a manual typewriter by Willi. Tanking this into cosideration I think they did a good job. The books are still essential to fans, though they could have been improved by the inclusion of 'reviews' of the material covered.
  On the subject of Boots, a lot of thought was out into whether or not to include them and risk the Wrath of Gail. In the end they decide that to omit mention of them would be a great dissrevice, and they got round the 'moral' problems by refusing to 'grade' bootlegs, comment on their quality or recommend any (in fact, we went as far as including a caveat saying that we did not think bootlegs were worth the money, and that we recommended that anyone who wanted to buy a bootleg should buy ALL of the official stuff before even thinking about bootlegs - something I still stand by today).
  Anyway, go buy them. They're fun and a useful reference. I'd love to see a second edition, but last time I spoke to Reinhard, he was running away screaming at the suggestion. If you read this, Reinhard, (or if John passes it on), give it a thought. I'll DTP it for you...
  Final word - buy them if you see them.
 Unbiasedly, dIRK
Dirk Manuel - Vox: (010) 32.2.674.4247

From: (John V. Scialli)
  I faxed Reinhard Preuss who runs Muffin Records Productions Ltd (Austin USA) and who was a major member of the Torchum Team (an offshoot of the Arf Society). I sent him this thread and his response is:
  The above from Dr. John, the below from Reinhard Preuss:
 TORCHUM books:
  Well, I'm out of this and I don't know how to get them, it was difficult to get the one set for Jason, I did give him just a favor.
  Frank received these books through Dweezil, Ahmet, Moon and Gail in Frankfurt at the SHARK concerts. We never heard a comment about it. I just know that Frank mentioned the exact number of bootleg vinyl, CD's, etc. once in a radio interview, which I have somewhere on tape, just can't remember which one it is. But I could find it. It is an interview he gave after the Shark concert, about 1 year later ('93).
  Never before (as far as I can say that) has Frank mentioned any numbers of bootlegs, he just talked about bootlegs in general. So I figured he had looked into the books pretty closely and I imagine he sorta liked them.
  OF COURSE - there are a lotsa mistakes and errors, the layout could be much better, actually EVERYTHING. But - would Frank or the family ever accept them? It would look professional and commercial! What you have in your hands is made by hand only (page by page) and made by fans without a thought about profit (indeed, we actually lost 30.000.--) and was a dammm big load of work which I never want to repeat anymore........
  Everything is done with pure handwork, so it's printed on a 1 colour printmachine, bound, cut, etc. etc. etc. etc.etc. etc all by hand. We walked for many miles around the room to get the pages collected <collated he may mean> by hands! Oh well.
 I faxed your message [ see Dirk Manuel comments above ] to Herr Preuss and Reinhard replied:

  Interesting mail from Dirk Manuel regarding the TTNS books. You can bet that I still will run away screaming if he or anybody else comes up with the suggestion to start a second edition. Nice compliment, no doubt - but I do it never never again, in the meanwhile I'm getting to be 41 years old and there are too many other things left I like to do during my lifetime and I have no thought to repeat this TORTURE again for a few years. The books are named THE TORCHUM NEVER STOPS, because THE TORCHUM NEVER STOPS. At least vol. 3 of this is still perfectly updated, nothing has changed (or barely anything) since we have released it, but the bootleg himmel has grown and all. Besides that - MRP does still release stuff too........
  No - thanks! That's it. I have no intention to try to get the permission of ZFT, indeed I think there would never be a one available for something like this. We were lucky enough to get NOT in trouble for this, which I do appreciate and it has reached its goal to inform people and bring Frank the benefit of our work.
  I, for one, do NOT want to lose more money and time on this than I did already. Dirk said already before vol. 4 was finished that he likes to see a second edition of it - go ahead Dirk! He knows how many times we had to spend just for getting the pages together, we walked many miles for it daily. Besides all that, if we would give a print company the order to do it, it would cost 480.000 DM (German Marks), we did all by ourselves for 130.000 and still lost 40.000 out of that budget. That may give you a good idea.
  Anyhow - thanks for the proposal, but it's not me.
Reinhard Preuss
Muffin Records Productions USA

From: (David Smith)
  I only have Volume 2. It seems that there is some sort of continuous page numbering scheme that proceeds from volume to volume - Volume 2 appears to begin at page 170 and end at page 330, depending upon how you count. I'd need to obtain the other volumes or defer to others to correctly resolve the page numbering.

Vol.2 - Index

PAGE 1 * "You Got Book Nr."
PAGE 2 * ERROR ???
PAGE 3 * Thank's Again
PAGE 4 * Intro & ATTENTION !!
PAGE 6 * A View To Volume 1, 3, & 4

continuing Pages from " THE TURCHUM NEVER STOPS " - VOL.1

171 * CD->LIST<
172 - 208 * CD'S +

+ extra Pages * " The Best Band you never heard in your Life "
* " You can't do that on Stage anymore VOL.4 "
* " Make a Jazz Noise Here "
* " Beat the Boots "
* " Ship arriving too late "

+ * LATE ARRIVEL - MC'S !!!!
211 - 212 * CD-PROMOS
214 - 217 * MC'S ->LIST< & Introduction
220 - 221 * `FILMOGRAPHIE' (Films by FZ)
222 - 237 * VIDEOS (by FZ)
239 - 258 * SONGLIST
260 - 263 * LABLES (by FZ)
264 * FUT'CHA
266 - 269 * `ZAPPAESKEN' - SINGLES
270 - 278 * `ZAPPAESKEN' - >LIST<
279 * `ZAPPAESKEN' - BANDS' (Bands wich playin FZ-Music #
- will be continued in VOL.4)
280 - 282 * `ZAPPAESKEN' - ORCHESTRA (FZ Music played by others)
283 - 302 * `ZAPPAESKEN' - RECORDS
304 - 305 * `GOOGLY MOOGLY' ->LIST<
PROMO / Various Artists

one more for the WORLD !!


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