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Under The Same Moon. Life with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Bob Harris, A Harris, Suzannah (Thana).
Mastahna Publishing, New Castle, USA
ISBN: 0-7392-0232-4
Pages: 312
Language: English Category: About


From: Suzannah Harris <>

  Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 12:25:41 -0800

  Thana info about the book:


  "Suzannah (Thana) Harris, former vocalist for Frank Zappa and Steve Vai, has written a new book about her life experiences with the late Frank Zappa genius:

"UNDER THE SAME MOON: Life with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Bob Harris, And A Community of Other Artistic Souls"

  Read her first-hand, personal account of how Thana, a virtually unknown vocalist, met, worked with and learned from Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, and also married one of Zappa's band members, Bob Harris!

  This intriguing story will introduce you to the lady who accomplished what former vocalists could not: the vocal performances on the Frank Zappa recording of "Sleepdirt". Read about her work with Steve Vai, her work and romance with Bob Harris, and finally, life with Steve Vai, Bob Harris, and a number of artists who lived together at the infamous "Wayward Inn", Steve Vai's house in Sylmar, California."

  "UNDER THE SAME MOON": Read about this never before released story which is also Thana Harris' debut as a literary writer. You will love her honesty, her humor, her passion for life. Orders are being taken now!! Send check or money order (US dollars only) in the amount of $15.95 postage paid/USA, or $18.95postage paid/Canada and Worldwide, to:

Mastahna Publishing
P.O. Box 194
New Castle, Co 81647

email: (we will add you to our mailing list)
fax: USA country code + 1-970-876-5840

  We cannot accept credit cards yet. Web site for Mastahna Music/Publishing soon to come!

From: Vladimir Sovetov
  OK, I read it. (Thank you, Thanna for copy). It's a good book about nice woman and her happy marriage. But two chapters, 3rd and 4th, are really dedicated to Uncle Frank. Chapter 3 is a story of Bob Harris touring with FZ's Tinsel Town Rebellion band, Chapter 4 deals with Thanna becoming the Drakma of Sleep Dirt (for reasons unknown she names it Sleepdirt).

  Thanna's style is simple, warm and sincere. I love her unambitious attitude. Here is an example (the very end of Ch.4)

 "Flambay. The song was over. Frank listened and I knoew he like it, and it became the keeper. I felt free and pretty damn high on the whole thing, and I wasn't afraid to tackle the rest of those songs that ended up on the vocal verson of 'Sleepdirt' (there's an instrumental version as well). Golly-bob, I was so naive, I didn't even know what a lot of those lyrics were really saying, but I knew enough to be in the character zone. You know, Huncentoot --- it was ages before meaning of that dawned on me one day. Oh well... Spider Of Destiny --- oh what tangled web we weave, etc.... and Time is Money, don't ask me, I never quite figured that out. I've had questions as to what was the ultimate original plan for all those songs, like a musical or something. Brothers and sisters, I don't know."

  I really recommend the book to FZ audience. Definitely it's a must for Steve Vai fanatics.

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