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I'm With The Band. Confessions of a groupie. De Barres, Pamela.
Beech Tree Books, New York
ISBN: 068806602X
Pages: 304
Language: English Category: Add
hardcover edition
I'm With The Band. Confessions of a groupie. De Barres, Pamela.
Jove Books, New York
ISBN: 0.515.09712.8
Pages: 280
Language: English Category: Add
paperback edition


From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  In fact it's just a suggestion. I have never had a chance to see the memoirs myself. But she lived and supposedly been fucked in Frank Laurel Canyon living room so who knows...

From: (David Smith)
  Pam also has a sequel out, which also has some Zappa material. I'm planning on acquiring it soon, so I'll post details at that time.

Miss Pamela's newest book:

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
by Pamela De Barres
published by William Morrow and Co.
in October 1993
ISBN 0-425-13945-X,
320 pages (including index)

From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Well, at last I read it. I mean "I'm with the band", New English Library, 1989, ISBN 0 450 50637 1, paperback, 304 pages.

  So, Miss Pamela, born Pamela Ann Miller, one of the GTO's infamous member, is in fact one of the greatest empty-head all-holes ready bimbo on Earth. Really sweet little housewife flower-powered to rock stars cock sucking expert status.

  And, yes, while being a nanny of the Moon and Dweez, she fucked for real in Frank' house, in a little nice guesthouse behind it, but no, not with FZ, he was an unreachable Olympic god for her, Mr. Zappa forever, but with Howard Kaylan and Keith Moon.

  Also a lot of technical info on giving a head to Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Noel Redding and Jim Morrison to name just a few. A really treasure for raw anthropology scholar. As far as anything out of backstage Kamasutra field concerned, incl. FZ himself, music, GTO or 200 Motels shooting etc, etc, you could fish out of Miss Pamela book almost nothing interesting, exciting or enlightening. Except may be some mostly anatomic details of Vito's and Carl F. early freak out life. The rest is just a stupid blubbering of four-seasons wet pussy of Joe's Garage fame. Soft, very soft-brain porn. And it's a way of life. You love it!

  So the only decent phrase I really feel like worth quoting here is this

  "I had seen a lot more of Gail Zappa since 200 Motels, and she always put the universe into perspective for me. She was cynical, brilliant, and eye-opening, going from day to day with her hypnotic husband and delicious doll-babies without ever wondering what it was all for." p.222.

  Wow, man. What a bullet!

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