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Zonx. Texte letzter Hand, 1977-1994 Weissner, Carl (translation).
Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt
ISBN: 3-86150-179-1
Pages: 646
Language: German/English Category: Songs


From: (Edi Weitz)
Date: Wed, 01 May 96 20:56:39 GMT

  German publisher "Zweitausendeins" (2001) just announced the world premiere release of the FZ songbook

"Zonx: Texte letzter Hand, 1977-1994"

  It contains the lyrics of all Zappa albums since "Bongo Fury", all texts are printed in English and German and the whole project has been done in collaboration with FZ who also provided some footnotes. In a way this book is part two of "Plastic People" which covers the material from "Freak Out" to "Zoot Allures" - and which has been already discussed in this newsgroup.
 Both books are available at Zweitausendeins in Frankfurt, Germany. Their fax number is +49 69 415 003. In Germany, they only sell their books by mail-order or in a few stores that are owned by the company, not in normal book stores.

From: Edi Weitz <>
  The "Zonx" book arrived yesterday. So, here's the additional information that you wanted to have:
  The title is "Frank Zappa: Zonx - Texte 1977-1994", and - believe it or not - there is _no_ ISBN! Maybe the reason is that this book isn't available in normal bookstores. However, in addition to ordering it at Zweitausendeins in Frankfurt, Germany, it can also be bought at "buch 2000" in Affoltern, Switzerland.
  It's the first edition from April 1996.
  The book covers song texts from "Zoot Allures" to "YCDTOSA vol. 4", plus an appendix with "unreleased lyrics, as of December 1990", containing:

We been there
These are the 90's
Beneath contempt
Lonesome cowboy Ron
You look like a dork
The Portuguese lunar landing
Dragon master
New world order

  Of course, the purely instrumental albums, like "Jazz from Hell", cannot be found in the book. But, alas, some other records are also missing, namely:

YCDTOSA vol. 5 & 6
Does humor belong in music?
Ahead of their time
Playground psychotics
Civilization phase III
The lost episodes
The yellow shark
The best band you never heard in your life
Make a jazz noise here
Baby snakes

  Also, due to legal restrictions, only those parts of "Joe's Garage" that were part of the original screenplay are reproduced and translated.
  The book contains a few footnotes, some of which are due to FZ, e.g. he added that "Sheik Yerbouti" was meant as a phonetical spelling of "shake your booty".
  The translations are o.k., though not fantastic. One of the problems of Carl Weissner (who did them) is that he sometimes wanted the German texts to rhyme also...
  Nevertheless, it's a nice book. And I think it will be helpful to many FZ fans - especially to those of us whose native language isn't English, even if they don't understand the German translations.

From: Edi Weitz <>
 The only explanation is: I must be blind at least sometimes. The "Zonx" book has an ISBN but I simply didn't see it! It's on the backside of the cover and the number is 3-86150-179-1.

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