Lonesome Cowboy Burt

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Don'tcha get his feelings hurt.

Jm: Come on in this place
I'll buy you a taste.
From: (Chris Grace)
  I will buy you a drink
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You can sit on my face.
From: (Chris Grace)
  I will perform cunnilingus on you
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Where's my waitress?
From: Valdimir Sovetov <>
  That not very common in english spoken world girl's name is appeared to be directly from Frank Lancaster boyhood.
From: (Martyn Dryden)
  Transcribed from BBC Television tribute movie interview, Dec 18, 1993
  FZ: I hadn't been raised in an environment where there was a lot of music in the house. This couple that owned the chili place, Opal and Chester, agreed to ask the man who serviced the jukebox to put in some of the song titles that I liked, because I promised that I would dutifully keep pumping quarters into this thing so I could listen to them. So I had the ability to eat good chili and listen to Three Hours Past Midnight by Johnny Guitar Watson, for most of my junior and senior years.
From: Evil Bob <>
  Actually, the true derivation of the name Opal is the fact that it is still quite common for rednecks and other rustic country folk to name their daughters after gemstones and other objects of value. A social anthropologist might make the argument that, at least in the beginning, many of these people started out being so poor that a "grand name" was the only grand thing they could give to their female children. The name Opal is a right and proper name when one wishes to put a "down-home country aroma" on something. Other names which have equal spin are: Pearl, Crystal, Ruby, Viola.
From: Valdimir Sovetov (
  It's interesting to note that in the movie, Devil aka Rance Muhammitz also don't mind to be called Opal Hot Little Bitch. He appeared behind Lonesome Cowboy of the group Jimmy Carl Black right after his final Opal cry, and tryed to sale Mr.Black bottle of beer for his eternal soul. Not long ago he offered very similar deal - cheesburger for soul to Mr.Jeff Simmons. No one agreed. It seems that poor bastard played low. The real market price of 20 century soul was correctly estimated later ( see _Titties and Beer_ from FZ in New York )
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Jm: I'm an awful nice guy
I sweat all day in the sun
I'm a roofer by trade,
Quite a bundle I've made
I'm a
unionized roofin' old
  For more Frank's comments on benefits of 'unionization' check out
CHUNGA'S REVENGE. Rudy Wants to Buy Yez A Drink.
Joe's Garage. Scene One. Entrance Of The Central Scrutinizer
THE MAN FROM UTOPIA. Stick Together.

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