Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy

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I coulda swore her hair was made of rayon
She wore a
Milton Bradley Crayon
From: (Johannes Labisch)
  I know "Milton Bradley~ as a company, making indoor games. (I don't know any favorite game by them.) Maybe they were also doing cosmetica???
From: (Larry Huntley)
  They also make colored wax crayons. The best-known US crayon manufacturer, Binney & Smith, makers of "Crayola" crayons, probably didn't meter out. There's also a phenomenon of large inflatable crayons that are given away as prizes at state fairs, carnivals, etc. No idea which is meant in this verse.
From: (Tom Brunetti)
  The phrase probably refers to wearing too much makeup.
From: (Todd Poynor)
  A popular piece of clothing was (is?) a T-shirt that featured a giant picture of the business end of a crayon, complete with "Crayola" or "Milton-Bradley" (or whatever, I'm not sure) label. Maybe these go back to the time of this song?
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I had a Roger Daltrey cape on
From: (Joe Hartley)
  It was notable for its sheer pretensiousness.
From: (Tom Brunetti)
  CAPE: garment that drapes over the shoulders. In the early Who days the cape was Daltrys trade mark. Look at it like the line in Joes Garage
  "we had matching suits and Beatle Boots " <-- their early trademark
  In other words if you wore Beatle Boots, you were in the "IN" crowd. Probably the cape held the same meaning.
From: (Biffyshrew)
  Actually this line refers to Roger Daltrey's practice during early Who tours of wearing a castrated chicken around his neck. It inspired most of his best vocal performances. Doncha remember, Pete Townshend wrote a whole rock opera about it. You know, "Poultry Wizard" and all that? Daltrey lost his capon, however, when John Entwistle and Keith Moon used it in an onstage gross-out contest, the details of which are just too sordid to post on the internet where children might see it.
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Then she gave a pair of shoes to me...
Plastic leather, 14
Triple D
From: (Cliff Heller)
  14 Triple D is fucking HUGE. I didn't know there was triple D, there is triple E and that is the widest possible shoe size. The Widths are basically AAA AA A B C D E EE EEE. There are men's sizes and women's sizes. 14 is large for either of them. I doubt women's even go up to 14.
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It might seem strange for Herb
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and Dee
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
  Herb is Cohen and Dee is his wife.
  check also 200 MOTELS. Does This Kind of Life Look Interesting To You.
  Personel's list of Apostrophe(').

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