Overture To Holiday In Berlin

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From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  This beautiful music has a very long history. It was written in 1960 or 61 by young clean shaved Frank for the film _The World's Greatest Sinner_. It also reappeared with sort of senseless words on 200 motels album as a song titled Would You Like A Snack
Howard: La La La La

Mark: Would you like a snack?
  Mmmmmmmmmmmm :-)))))))
  Also exist ( on the FREAKS & MOTHERFU*#@%! bootleg for example ) another version of the lyrics dealing with real sojourn in Berlin
From: ck7263@albnyvms.bitnet (C. Gordon Keeble (gordo))
  This probably needs corrections..
Holiday in Berlin

Look at all the Germans.
La la la la la la
Watch them follow orders.
La la la la la la
See them think they're doing
something groovy in the street.

See the student leader.
La la la la la la
He's a rebel prophet.
La la la la la la
He's fucked up, he's still a
Nazi like his mom and dad.

Played for a night in Berlin. That afternoon we
set up our shit and rehearsed.
Half a dozen phony student rebels in the hall,
came to see if I could find a way to help them all.

"What is your desire?"
La la la la la la
"Help us start a fire."
La la la la la la
In the Allied center,
'round the corner, down the street.

And then, we began to play.
A bunch of punks arose from the crowd.
Student rebels, their flags upraised,
began to chant "Ho Chi Minh"
"Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh" Threw tomatoes!

And the next thing knew, we were under seige.
From: Johannes Labisch <>
  The story behind that song is, when the mothers had a concert in Berlin 1968 (I think it was their first concert in germany), right on top of the student movement, the student wanted him to support their political ideas (which were pretty communistic), and he refused. So they throw tomatoes and stuff at him ("Don't throw stuff on the stage") and Frank said he'll never play in Berlin again. But Fritz Rau, a german concert promoter, talked him into come back again. "He said, if you don't like what these people were doing, you should come back and tell them" ( FZ, quoted from memmory from an interview he gave here in 1988). A real nice place to raise your kids up. :-)
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  For the uprising pictures check _Uncle Meat_. movie

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