Would You Go All The Way?

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Remember Freddie and Joe
  Once upon a time Howard Kaylan himself was kind enough to comment this line
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The night you went to the show. (a monster movie)
  There are a few lines from FZ intro to Roxy _Cheepnis_
  Cheepnis... lemme tell you something: do you like monster movies, anybody? (YEEAAH!) I love monster monster movies. I simply adore monster movies. And the cheaper they are, the better they are. And cheapness, in case of monster movie, has nothing to do with the budget of the film -- althought it helps -- but true cheapness is exemplified by visible nylon strings attached to the jaw of the giant spider...
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The monster came out; everybody shout.
People all around you, screamin at the monster --
the monster from the
From: (Eric Pepke)
  United Service Organization. This is a partially federal, partially voluntary organization whose job it is to boost the morale of troops in the United States armed forces. The USO typically puts on shows (Bob Hope used to do one a year), maintains coffeehouses, puts on dances, provides counseling, etc. The song is a reference to the suspicion that female volunteers for the USO occasionally perform morale-boosting services of a more personal nature.
From: Colin Gateley <>
  United Service Organisation...I think they're the ones who provide "entertainment" for American troops... So - the monster is in the movie provided by this recreation-for-government-authorised-killers organisation.
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Would you go all the way
For the U-S-O
  From Michael Gray transcription of Albert Hall scandal hearings (Mother! p.130)
  QC: Now, "Would You Go All The Way". That means having sex, does it not?
  FZ: It is an expression that was used in America in the 1960s to mean having sex. It is an archaic expression, intended for laughs.

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