Road Ladies

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Don't it ever get lonesome?
{yeah! . . . sure gets lonesome}
Don't it ever get sad when you go out on the road?
{oh, there was one time in Minneapolis..
when I thought I had the
clap for sure}
Don't it ever get lonesome?
(whoa-ho!) {lonesome ain't the word}
Don't it ever get sad when you go out
on a thirty day tour?
From: Colin Gateley <>
  these quotes {} are Mark Volman... the other voice is probably Howard Kaylan and I can't work out what he is saying. It may be simply appropriate blues response mumbling.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Frank's own view on having a little bit of clap I think is really in place here.
From: (Hanzo)
  here's the fragment from that VPRO interview ('71 Roelof Kiers)
  Q: What kind of adventures?
  (some hippies approach.)
  Hello... Hans... What you're doin'?
  [screaming child runs by]
  Q: What kind of girls are these groupies?
  FZ: Well, not all of them are groupies, you know, some girls that will readily admit that they are groupies have a very special sort of mentality you know and they aspire to that position, but there are other girls who would never admit that they are groupies but who function in that capacity anyway. For instance, would you call yourself a groupie?
  Girl who's no groupie: No, I think only for Frank Zappa publicity purposes.
  FZ: She said eh....
  Girl who's no groupie: Besides which, never... we could never make it together we're only friends.
  FZ: That's right.
  Q: What kind of function do they have?
  FZ: Well they keep you occupied and entertained while you're out in a hotel someplace, you know and hotels...
  Q:You always seem to be busy, I mean with other things.
  FZ: Well I like recreation too, I'm a human being. I like to get laid.
  Q: And what about your wife, I mean... Does she like it?
  FZ: Well she's become accustomed to it over a period of years. I mean you have to be realistic about these things, you go out on the road you strap on a bunch of girls you come back to the house you find out you got the clap What are you gonna do, keep it a secret from your wife? So I come back there and I say: Look I've got the clap go get a perscription so she goes out and gets some penicillin tablets, we both take em and that's it. She grumbles every once in a while, but you know, she's my wife.
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When the P.A. system eats it,
From: "Tony Pfarrer" <TONY@UMS1.Lan.McGill.CA>
  P.A. System is short for Public Address system. Before the days of good amps, mixers and monitors, bands used relatively crude set- ups for amplification. FZ complains about the P.A. system the Mothers used during the '68 European tour in the "Ahead of Their Time" CD booklet.
  About the time this album was put out, the trend in arena shows was to have an enormous and POWERFUL public address system (P.A. system), most of which were rented from sound and light companies. Not all such companies were reliable. Powerful amplification was EXTREMELY expensive in those days and many of the "fly by night" sound contractors would show up with a huge buch of plywood cabinets made to look like working speakers and rack panels filled with a few good power amps and a lot of broken stuff with the red lights wired up so they would look good.
  Frank was apparently referencing those performances where the rented sound equipment sounds like shit ("Eats It" in American slang) and as every road musician can attest to; not every performance goes entirely as rehearsed (as in:"And the band plays some of the most terrible-est shit you ('ve) ever known")
From: "Ottis R." <BOYD@UNB.CA>
  The sense is right, but I think that "Eats it" refers to the point at which the Public Address system actually breaks down, as in what happens to you when you get a bad burrito and some rancid beer and Eat It.
From: (Mark A. Natola)
  Well, I grew up in the Boston area, and "Eats it" basicly means IT SUCKS! So, if you apply that meaning to the song, FZ is saying the PA system sucks, and the band is playing like shit. Just my 2 cents.
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Don't you ever miss your
House in the country and your
Hot little mamma, too
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Probably, reference to Johnny 'Guitar' Watson 1955 song with this very title.
I've got hot little mama, child,
She's so fine,
Sent those heat waves
Up and down my spine
And a whole fire department
Can't put it out
She's my hot hot hot little mama
She's my hot hot hot little mama
She really sets me on fire.
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Don't you better get a shot from the doctor for what the
Road Ladie do to you
From: (Johannes Labisch)
  Means: get an injection agains the clap or whatever the Road Ladies give you. (This was written before AIDS came up.)
  Referencing, of course, getting an injection of penicillin from the doctor to cure the strain of venereal disease you picked up while boffin' groupies after the show. HEY anybody out there old enough to remember when sex didn't KILL YOU?

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