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From: "Tony Pfarrer" <TONY@UMS1.Lan.McGill.CA>#
  Why did he keep recording it? I guess he found songs like that fun to listen to as well as play, and Sharleena is certainly a good vehicle for highlighting Flo & Eddie's talents and is a logical extension of the Ruben & Jets/Valarie greasy teen age love song themes. He honestly LOVED stuff like that. For instance when I saw the Mothers in 1971, the final encore was a very slow, very straight version of the Shep & the Limelighters doo-wop classic "Daddy's Home". Back to the topic, I find the version of Sharleena on Playground Psychotics to be lots of fun to sing along with in the car. That "Sharleena-leena doodledooledoodledoodledoodledoo" stuff makes me want to sing every time.
From: (Charles Ulrich)
  [Why did he keep recording it?] So we'd appreciate the original that much more when he finally released it twenty-six years after the fact. [on _The Lost Episodes_]

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