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Appendix I

List Of Mother's Contributors

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From: Patrick Neve <>

 In the liner notes, it says;

 These People Have Contributed Materially in Many Ways to Make Our Music What it is. Please Do Not Hold it Against them.

 ... followed by a long list of people. Here is the list, with a an AFF-Z survey of what these celebrities means to them.

 These people have contributed materially in many ways to make this list what it is. Please do not hold it against them. Matt-a-roo, John Purves, Frank Hudson, Patrick Neve, Spider Gecko, Ray Dittmeier, Cal Schenkel, Paul Hinrichs, David F Lynch, Biffyshrew, Fred H. Banta, Konrad, FthrRiley, Charles Ulrich, Gregory J. Sandell, John Henley, Jonno, Frank Zappa (via interviews), Mike Keneally, D.G. Porter, Michael Gushulak, David Wilcher, Hank Davis, Patrick & Cathy Moore, Mark Clark, Larry Huntley, J S Fleisher

From: Vladimir Sovetov

  And don't shoot me for REORDER'ing, HTML'ing, INDEX'ing and even CORRECT'ing it a little bit. After all I'm a maintainer, I have no choice...


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