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Appendix III

Was Freak Out the first double rock LP? No!

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From: Patrick Neve (
  Freak Out! was released July of 1966, while Dylan's Blonde On Blonde had been out by May.
From: Paul Remington (
  I thought Freak Out! was the first -gatefold- LP, not the first double-LP.
From: Biffyshrew (
  I don't see why you're making this distinction, since Blonde On Blonde, being a double LP, also had a gatefold cover like that of Freak Out. In any event, there had already been gatefold rock LPs...the first ones that come to mind are the Beatles' Help (U.S. version, 1965) or Beatles For Sale (U.K. release, 1964).
From: Zoogz Rift The Liquid Moamo (
  THE BEATLES' STORY was a double album. It sucked, but it was rock and roll and it had two stupid records in the gatefold, so I think it should qualify.
From: OnTheCornr <>
  Zoogz is correct; give that fat man a cigar. There was also that "Beatles vs. Four Seasons" double LP on Vee-Jay. But both of these were hacked- together, quick-buck exploitation jobs, not "real" studio albums like FO and BOB.
From: wcw (
  However, I do believe that "Freak Out!" was the first double debut album.
From: Paul Hinrichs (
  It was also the first debut double album to have both the words "freak" and "out" in its title.

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