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But maybe that's not for me to say
They only pay me here to play
(I wanna hear
Caravan with the drum sola!)
From: "Jon Naurin" <>
  Not very important, but note that this particular piece of CC lived on through the years - Caravan With A Drum Solo was played live by FZ's band in 1972, '74 and '84.
From: Biffy the Elephant Shrew (
  I've been meaning to buy this CD for years: "Caravan" by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers. Yep, includes a real cool rendition of "Caravan" with a drum sola. Three or four drum soli, in fact, if you count the little, tiny one near the end. And what a band: Blakey, Cedar Walton, Freddy Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Curtis Fuller and Reggie Workman! Plus you get, Blakey's incredible basso profundo GRUMBLING during his solos. Definitely in the "jazz noise" tradition.
  For the same request see also ABSOLUTELY FREE. America Drinks and Goes Home.
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And drink your fizz
Roll your car and say "
Gee whiz!"
From: Bill Lantz
  Not my era really, but this was a squeeky clean way of cussing, if you wanted to be cool and not cross the line so to speak. Gosh, golly, dagummit.

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