That's Not Really A Shuffle

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From: Charles Ulrich <>
  This track was recorded in Dijon, France, on June 3, 1982. It is FZ's solo from "King Kong", played on his Les Paul. "King Kong" first appeared on Lumpy Gravy.
From: "Román" <>
  There's another "King Kong" solo from Dijon, June 3, 1982 on YCDTOSA Vol. 3, but I don't think it's the same one. Were there two shows?
From: "Charles Ulrich" <>
  There's no indication that there were two shows in Dijon on 6/3/82. (I haven't even confirmed one show on that date.)
  The location comes from the liner notes, but the claim that it's from "King Kong" comes from Román's website. Previously, I had it down as coming from "Zoot Allures".
  Román, do you remember who said it was from "King Kong"? The show is not in circulation. So what identifies the solo as coming from "King Kong"?
From: "Román" <>
  Strange as it seems, this time I found the source of this claim:
From: "|Spider Gecko|"
  Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:33:01 -0500
  Pretty sure it's King Kong.
  Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 15:48:18 +0100
  It's from Marqueson's Chicken, no question.
From: "Román" <>
  Then I'll shut my mouth, and I'll correct it right away.
From: pat buzby
  This vamp appears in several early '82 versions of King Kong (5/14/82 Brussels, for instance). However, I haven't heard the very first versions of Marqueson's. (The ones I have heard have the same vamp which is on the Them Or Us version, which is similar to "That's Not Really A Shuffle," but a different tempo.)
  I need to examine the King Kong solo vamp evolution tomorrow, but on the two closest dates we have (Rennes 6/2 (the WP of MC) and Schüttdorf 6/5), the vamps are the ones we're used to. There are differences in tempo, but I'd say that's not strange for a song in its early days of development.
  And next day posting
  I have checked 5 King Kongs from May and 5 from June, and there seems to be a clear line where the vamp changes. May 28 is the last one with the "shuffle" vamp, and Jun. 2 is the first one with the other one, as heard on YCDTOSA #3. Note also that the world premiere of Marqueson's Chicken was on Jun. 2, so it seems plausible that FZ simply transplanted the shuffle vamp into MC, and put a new one into KK.
  If TNRAS really is from Dijon Jun. 3, I maintain my position that it's definitely from Marqueson's Chicken. And if the King Kong solo on YCDTOSA #3 is from that show too, that's further "evidence". The only thing that might suggest that it's a King Kong solo is the tempo - the MC solos I've checked are all slower than TNRAS.
From: "pat buzby" <>
  Unless a full tape of Dijon ever surfaces, we may never be able to say. I checked the May King Kong solos except for 5/11 and 5/23 (which has no FZ solo, right?) and verified that none of them are TNRAS. I don't have YCDTOSA 3 here with me in town, and verifying the location of that solo would be harder since there are more versions.

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