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Central Scrutinizer:
it is my responsibility to enforce
all the laws that haven't been passed yet.
It is also my responsibility
to alert each and every one of you
to the potential consequences of various
ordinary everyday activities you
might be performing which could eventually
lead to *The Death Penalty*
(or affect your parents' credit rating).
Our criminal institutions are full of
little creeps like you who do wrong things...
and many of them were driven
to these crimes by a
horrible force called MUSIC!
  This is one of the Frank's most favorite idea he toyed so much. One of the earliest known speculation on and demonstartion of the criminal nature of music can be found in great FZ classic movie _200 Motels_. There was erected and shown for the world the special government institution - The Reorientational Facility (erected at great expance to bring about the final solution to the orchestra question), in other words to give the guys like Joe a chance in the life
  So check the MOVIE! and _Strictly Genteel_ part of 200 Motels N&C
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I bring you now a special presentation
to show what can happen to you if
you choose a career in MUSIC...
*The WHITE ZONE is for loading and
unloading only...
if you have to load or unload,
go to the
From: (John V. Scialli)
  ...its the perpetual PA announcement made at curbside at Los Angeles Airport (LAZ). You have to use the white curb for discharging and picking up passengers.
From: (Brian Zavitz)
  Also imagine how many times Frank would have heard this over the years as he came home from touring. Talk about conceptual continuity.
From: (Johannes Labisch)
  Check out the movie "Airplane" (by Zucker-Zucker-Abraham, with Leslie Nielsen). You'll also hear this announcement, only the two announcers start argueing over the PA, whether the white zone or the red zone is for loading & unloading only. It's deadfunny.
From: (Sam &/or Karen Rouse)
  I think it's just another example of hapless citizens being herded like sheep and forced into compliance with the Doctrine of Portion Controlled Servings (plus, I think in the context of the JG story, it gives the Central Scrutinizer an ostensible reason for hanging around to keep an eye on things).
From: (MarkJX)
  The white zone and its omnipresent auditory reminder is a metaphor for conformity and "following the rules" (after all, let's get serious. Who uses the white zone JUST for loading and unloading? Don't you actually SIT there for an hour or two waiting for your loved ones' late plane?).
  Joe was (according to TCS) pretty fucked up. Is it possible that society's ever present pressure for conformance ate away at our preposterous protagonist until he finally goes over the edge and "hocks his imaginary guitar" and gets a GOOD JOB!
From: (Gary Worsham)
  Well, go over to John Wayne Airport sometime and you'll have to agree, it's a way of life!
From: Gary Rush <>
  Frank and band had to have spent a lot of time in airports. it could have been something to associate being in the band. there are a lot of loading zones in busy downtown areas of large cities as well. there was a band in san francisco called 'the loading zone', so it is a well-known image.
From: Christopher Knaus <>
  I've heard it _in an actual airport_ (JFK, or maybe SFO, it was a while ago) So perhaps it is not so obscure a reference. The white zone was for loading and unloading only, the red zone for short term parking.

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