Stick It Out

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  Here we have another example of old material reusage in new conceptual context. Check out _YCDIOSA_ vol.1 or Swiss Cheese bootleg for the origianl sound and One Size Fits All N&C for comments on God's Sofa suite. Lyrics can be found in YCDIOSA N&C.
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... so Joe's learned how to speak German,
he goes in this place and he sees these
little Kitchen Machineries dancing around
with each other, and he sees this one...
that looks like it's cross between an
vacuum cleaner and a chrome
piggy bank with marital aids struck all
over ots boddy
  Compare it with Chunga's Revenge album sleeve note
  "... A Gypsy mutant vacuum cleaner dances about a mysterious night time camp fire. Testoons. Dozens of imported castanets, clutched by the horrible suction ot its heavy duty force, waving with marginal erotic abandon in the midnight autumn air"
  Also worth seeng 200 Motels movie _Penis Dimensions_ part with the green vacuum cleaner performing ritual _aber beklecker nicht das Sofa_ dance :-)
  Very interesting and I hope correct explanation of vacuum cleaners can be found in Dominique Chevalier book Viva, Zappa! p.50
  " [in his Cucamonga studio] Paul Buff used to play every instrument himself, using overdubs and he perfected a way of recording on to acetate demo-discs in place of cassettes. The problem was that acetate discs were very easily damaged by dust and very highly inflamable. Because of this, a vacuum cleaner was vital for when Zappa and Buff took the acetates to record companies! Beefheart holds one such appliance on the inner cover of _Hot Rats_. From time to time Zappa and Buff set fire to stacks of old acetates at night, lighting up the whole neighbourhood. This inspired the vacuum cleaner stories on _Chunga's Revenge_ and _The Perfect Stranger_
  And here is it. _The Perfect Stranger_ hooverism exstravaganza verbatim from the cover
  "In THE PERFECT STRANGER, a door-to-door salesman, accompained by his faithul gypsy-mutant industrial vacuum cleaner (as per the interior illustration on the "CHUNGA'S REVENGE" album cover), cavorts licentuously with slovenly housewife.
  We hear the door bell, the housewife's eybrows going up and down as she spies the nozzle through the ruffled curtain, the sound of the little bag of demonstration dirt' being sprinkled on the rug, and assorted bombastic interjection representing the spiritual qualities of chrome, rubber, electricity, and household tidiness. The entire transaction is being viewed from a safe distance by Patricia, the dog in the hairchair"
From: Brian Zavitz <bzavitz@fres2.GLFC.Forestry.CA>
  Also, I have seen a video of Zappa at home in the late 1960's, and he uses an indusrial-strength vacuum cleaner on the breast of a woman (babysitter?) to make her nipple go erect. She likes it.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  The very similar scene is in Uncle Meat movie. Calvin of of the participants.
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Bis er spritzt, spritzt, spritzt, spritzt
Till it squirts, squirts, squirts, squirts

From: "John Atwell" <>
  The way that the words "Fire!/Feuer!" are sung is exactly the same as in the infamous song "Fire," by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (that's the name of the group, by the way, which works very well because Arthur Brown is the Lead Vocalist). The reference to this song is definitely intentional - evidently, Frank performed the song on stage with TCWOAB once, don't know the particulars, but maybe Matthew North knows - he's the keeper of the flame (pun intended) at the Arthur Brown Official Website.
  If you have never heard the song, dig up a compilation of one-hit wonders from the late 60's and listen to it. The performance and the lyrics are almost psychotically satanistic - it's pretty over the top - I think Frank wished he'd written it. It actually hit the charts for a short while, I think.
Performed by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you:
I'll take you to burn.
I'll take you to learn.
I'll see you burn!
You fought hard and you saved and learned,
but all of it's going to burn.
And your mind, your tiny mind,
you know you've really been so blind.
Now's your time burn your mind.
You're falling far too far behind.
Oh no, oh no, oh no, you gonna burn!
To destroy all you've done.
To end all you've become.
I'll feel you burn!
You've been living like a little girl,
in the middle of your little world.
And your mind, your tiny mind,
you know you've really been so blind.
Now 's your time burn your mind,
you're falling far too far behind.
  The following was taken from Matthew North's Arthur Brown Official Webpage Arthur is currently looking for any bootleg recordings made by him over the last 30 odd years, especially if anybody has the version of Fire that was performed with him and Frank Zappa (possibly done in Miami) if anybody has this please drop [Matthew North] an email at
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Whereupon, in oder to prove JOE
that he is no ordinary Appliance,
SY quotes a few lines of traditional
American Love Poetry...
Sy Borg:
What's a girl like you % Fillmore's
Doing in a place like this? % What Kind Of Girl Do You
Do you come here often? % Think We Are quote
Wait a minute... !
I've got it... ! Sheik Yerboutie
You're an Italian... ! quote
What? You're Jewish? !
Love your nails... !
You must be a Libra... !
Your place or mine? !
Your place or mine? !
See the chrome *
Feel the chrome * Fillmore's
Touch the chrome * Bwana Dik quote
Heal the chrome *
See the screaming, *
Hot black steaming, *
Iridescent naugahyde python screaming *
Steam Roller!!! *
  In the Joe's Garage version of "Stick It Out," as well as "Bwana Dik" on the Fillmore East album, this line is prefaced by the mini-Who/Tommy tribute (appropriate for a rock opera, I might comment):
See the chrome
Feel the chrome
Touch the chrome
Heal the chrome
  And even before that, Sy quotes from the little segue between "Dancin' Fool" and "Jewish Princess" with the "What's girl like you doing in a place like this..." which also links conceptually (by a large stretch of the imagination) to the program of the Fillmore East album. Of course, as many people have mentioned before, "Stick It Out" was around at the time of the Fillmore East concert as part of the Sofa suite.
  Check out also appropriate N and Cs and WOIFTM _Flower Punk_ entry especially:-)))
From: (Jeff Rocca)
  Toward the end of the song "Stick It Out" on _Joe's Garage_ (right after Sy Borg repeats the phrase "Your place or mine?") there is some vocal harmonizing that goes something like
Hoot, hoot. Yeahhhhh
Hoot, hoot. Ah, ah, ah, ah
  Frank seems to have been influenced here by a Johnny "Guitar" Watson song called "The Bear" (you can hear this song on the Johnny "Guitar" Watson CD _Three Hours Past Midnight_). In this song, the vocal harmonizing goes something like
Hoot, hoot.
Hoot, hoot.
  Yeah, I know, who gives a fuck.

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