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  The title of the song is directly linked to Porn Wars topic. House of Representatives 2911 is that same legislation act or proposal (please, correct) that was referenced by Frank in his testimony
  The ladies' shame must be shared by the bosses at the major labels who, through the RIAA, chose to bargain away the rights of composers, performers, and retailers in order to pass H.R. 2911, The Blank Tape Tax: A private tax levied by an industry on consumers for the benefit of a select group within that industry. Is this a "consumer issue"? You bet it is. PMRC spokesperson, Kandy Stroud, announced to millions of fascinated viewers on last Friday's ABC Nightline debate that Senator Gore, a man she described as "A friend of the music industry," is co-sponsor of something she referred to as "anti-piracy legislation". Is this the same tax bill with a nicer name?
  The major record labels need to have H.R. 2911 whiz through a few committees before anybody smells a rat. One of them is chaired by Senator Thurmond. Is it a coincidence that Mrs. Thurmond is affiliated with the PMRC? I cannot say she's a member, because the PMRC has no members. Their secretary told me on the phone last Friday that the PMRC has no members . . . only founders. I asked how many other D.C. wives are nonmembers of an organization that raises money by mail, has a tax-exempt status, and seems intent on running the Constitution of the United States through the family paper-shredder. I asked her if it was a cult. Finally, she said she couldn't give me an answer and that she had to call their lawyer.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Interesting piece of Conceptual Continuity Universe could be found on the inside of "Freak Out!" album cover.
Beside RIAA seal we have this thing written
"This record has been engineered and manufactured in accordance with
standarts developed by the Record Industry Association of America Inc.,
a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of recorded
music and literature."
  Heh:-)) Isn't it sorta voluntary labeling in advance:-)))))

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