Little Biege Sambo

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  The title is most probably a pan on the name of the very popular nunny story about clever black boy 'LITTLE BLACK SAMBO'
  It was written by Brodie Cowie Watson and published in 1898. An started like this
  "Once upon a time there was a little black boy, and his name was Little Black Sambo.
  And his mother was called Black Mumbo.
  And his father was called Black Jumbo.
  And Black Mumbo made him a beautiful little Red Coat, and a pair of beautiful little blue trousers.
  And Black Jumbo went to the Bazaar, and bought him a beautiful Green Umbrella, and a lovely little Pair of Purple Shoes with Crimson Soles and Crimson Linings.
  And then wasn't Little Black Sambo grand?"
  See the rest of the story here
  Anyway, this absolutely great and innocent story was in a long run (after hundred years of universal success) considered as "the racist caricature that most Americans thought had died a well-deserved death years ago... Sambo and other stereotypical depictions of blacks--some with grotesquely fat lips and ethnic dialect... etc, etc" Margaret Shapiro. The Washington Post, July 22, 1988
  And may be this was the very reason why Frank liked to to name song after it. It's called Conceptual Continuity, ladies and gentlmen. So for steretype friends and caricature associates check out:
  'N de Mutha o' dem oll:-))

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