Dirty Love

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Give me
Your dirty love
Just like your mama
Make her fuzzy
poodle do
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Shit there's way more than that. Check out Babette from YCDTOSA 1. The "poodle" rap from many live performances. I forget exactly which Stage Volume has a version of this.
  "The woo-man looked at the poodle with lust in her heart"
  And that's phydeaux.
  Little known cc: during the guitar solo for "Nanook rubs it" you can hear a very faint voice calling "here phydeaux" twice.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Yeah! And there are not only CC, but also a great example of Frank "time reverse engineering", because after a while Dirty Love became part 3 of a StinkFoot-The Poodle Lecture-Dirty Love zoophiliac concert suit. The YCDTOSA Volume Cliff forgot is VI, track is The Poodle Lecture. But I for reproduction of the missing daisy-chain :-) part choose Eyse Of Osaka 1976 bootleg version where it was segue of Stinkfoot. Here is it as was transcribed by (Anzoh Hay )
"No shit.
Yes, Fido, I must punish you.
Oh, hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, hurt...
And to continue now!

In the beginning God made the light. Shortly thereafter God made the
poodle. When the poodle was first constructed it was a normal kind of a
dog. It had hair evenly distributed all over its tastefull discreet
compact dog type body. His hair was even in light. I repeat: Even In
Light. The poodle at that time was respected by other dogs, even
admired in some cases, because he was just like the rest of the gang.
Then God made two big mistakes. The first one was man, and the second
was wo-man. Actually he made a third mistake which was American man,
but we won't discuss that now.

Now woman looketh upon the poodle in its natural state with hair
evenly distributed all over his charming body. And said to herself:
This dog could really get me hot or (?) my peaches, as they say in the
trade. But in order to do that the dog had to be modified so the wo-man
turned to the man and said: Suck him, go get a job. And the man went
out and got a job, and the man got a paycheck, and the man brought the
paycheck back to the cave. And the man gave the paycheck to the wo-man.
And the wo-man went out with the paycheck, and the wo-man bought a pair
of scissors, and the wo-man came back to the cave and she took the
scissors and she clippeth upon the poodle in these important areas that
I will demonstrate.

The thorax, the meduha(?) the iggy ban tabadachi & the Managua. Leaving
a little bit on the leggins and a little ball right here for some
peculiar mysterious (?) erotic purpose which we will probably not
discuss this evening. Then the wo-man put the dog on the floor and
made him do like this. For those of you who cannot see the make believe
dog is going like this. And then the wo-man put her legs up in the air
like this and looked deep into the eyes of the dog and said these words
which you can share: (followed by Dirty Love)"
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Give me
Your dirty love
Like some tacky little pamphlet
In your
daddy's bottom drawer
From: Evil Bob <>
  It is perhaps not so true anymore, but in days past many American fathers used to have a secret cache of "dirty" books which, more often than not used to be hidden in the bottom of an otherwise harmless-looking drawer of socks and underwear. Nowadays, fathers probably still have the smut collection - they're just not as secretive as they used to be. Many's the young lad (myself included) who one day discovered this secret pornographic treasure and were thereby "educated" to a side of life of which they were hitherto completely ignorant.
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I'll ignore your cheap aroma
And your
little-bo-peep diploma
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Little-bo-peep is a nursery rhyme. She had some sheep. Frank is down playing the education of the person he wishes to make "dirty-love" to.
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(Come on, Frenchie)
(Snap it!)
From: Vladimir Sovetov ( )
  Funny, but that glorious Phydeaux of (') here just one year before appeared only as a humble little Frenchie.
From: Chris J. Ullsperger <>
  Don't forget:
(Not a speck of cereal!)
(Nothin' but the best for my puppy!)
and, in the fadeout something like
(cute little dog! furry little head!)
  The first lines refer, I think, to dog food commercials. The "not a speck of cereal" line implies a bowl licked perfectly clean, or describes a brand of dog food that is pure meat.
  I guess you can pick and choose from those options. The image in my mind, of course, is that the poodle is going to town on the twat of the mother of the woman to whom the song is being sung.
From: Jack Fleming <>
  "Not a speck of cereal" is a phrase from dog food advertising, meaning that it is all meat. Cereal (derived from grains) is often added during the manufacturing of dog food to reduce the cost. I have never heard this phrase used to mean "a bowl licked clean".
From: (R. Bartelink)
  and, in the fadeout something like
(cute little dog! furry little head!)
  No no, it's:
Little paws sticking up!
Little curly hairs!
From: (Chan Benson)
  More specifically, it's a line from a dog food commercial, along the lines of "add water, makes its own sauce".
From: (Gary Owens)
  The phrase is taken from a long-running Alpo dog food commercial of the 1970s.
From: "L. Hirsch" <>
  Also, many petfood commercials used that line as a selling point.
From: Evil Bob <>
  Yes, in fact that's right! BUT to be even more complete and descriptive: the phrase "not a speck of cereal" is from a popular long-running Alpo commercial of the very early 70s (I'm pretty sure it was an Alpo commercial - but it might have been for "Mighty Dog" or "Purina" brand). In it this geezer (it might have been Lloyd Bridges of "Sea-Hunt" fame) is spooning out dog food for his German Shepherd and marveling at its high meat content - he sez "Not a speck of cereal - nuthin' but the best fer my dog".
  This plays into the "gutter humor" thing again. As the dog is most definitely providing the Dirty Love by lappin' the Brillo of the female in the song, the contents of the dog's meal contains "not a speck of cereal", truly "nuthin' but the best fer my dog."
  Furthermore, one can also take this phrase another way due to some other American slang; referring to a female as a "dog" (in both the sense of an insult delivered to an ugly woman [who is so ugly she can only get sex from a dog and/or is as ugly as a dog], and a reference to a woman who has the general morals and hygiene of a dog) one can take this to mean that the DOG contains "not a speck of cereal". And to provide this dog's tongue as Dirty Love for the benefit of the female is to give "nuthin' but the best fer my dog." (the woman).
  I do not believe that I'm reading too much into these lyrics. Despite the fact that they are essentially disposable merchandise, they were nonetheless chosen with a good deal of craft and a keen insight into not only the English language (as practised and/or modified/destroyed by Americans), but the high points of American pop "culture" over the last 30-40 years.
  I have a deep interest in slang and ways to spin American English via semi-obscure cultural guideposts and this is one of the reasons that I love the layers of FZ's lyrics - layers he deliberately put there. Sure all these layers came off the top of Frank's head - but what a head!

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