Revised Music For Guitar And Low Budget Orchestra

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  This piece was first time recorded in 1970 by Jean-Luc Ponty under the title
Music For Electric Violin And Low Budget Orchestra
  And here is a quote from J-L.P. King Kong album (US World Pacific Jazz ST-20172) liners note, explaining Why is it for Low Budget Orchestra after all
  "As Ponty and Zappa promptly developed an interest in each other music, the concept of a collaborative project was born. Frank was particularly concerned with the developement of an exteneded orchestral work, a formal piece tied to no one idiom and allowing Ponty interludes of expressive freedom. Music For Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra (a title decide upon, one suspects, after Zappa had asked Bock [producer] 97-piece ensemble) is illustrative of Zappa's mastery not only of composition and orchestration, but also of transition
  The long work was conducted by Ian Underwood, former alto saxophonist and keyboardist with the Mothers Of Invention..."

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