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Early Demo Version

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From: (Themoog)
  Date: Sat, 15 Apr 95 20:56:48 -0400
  I've got a tape of the early form of Thingfish and it includes lots of You Are What You Is and some bits cut from the final version! Drafted Again is hillarious!With Moon Unit as Rhonda doing aerobics! And here also is an early Amnerika from PhaseIII! Interesting to listen and compare! Does anyone out there have this too? The quality is good but not great. Here's the songlist!
Early ThingFish Demos:
1. Prologue... Same
2. The Mammy Nuns... Same
3. Harry & Rhonda... different background music (orchestral!)
4. The Torchum Never Stops... Same
5. You Are What You Is... Same
6. Mudd Club... F.Z. vocals
7. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing... Rough mix
8. Dumb All Over... F.Z. Rough mix Vocals with no FX
9. Heavenly Bank Account... Rough mix
10. Teenage Wind... Rough mix
11. Suicide Chump... Thingfish Vocals, *Mammy Bkgnd vocals
12. Jumbo Go Away... Rough mix ThingFish voc. (on "3 things that smell like fish")
13. Drafted Again... Harry vocal instead of Dweezil, MoonUnit as Rhonda!
14. The Massive Improve'lance... Same
15. Artificial Rhonda... Rough mix
16. Amnerika... Same as on Phaze III but early Synclavier version!
17. No Not Now... Ending only
18. Briefcase Boogie... Same
19. Brown Moses... Same
20. Drop Dead... Early mix with The Crab Grass Baby & drum solo!
21. Won Ton On... Rough mix with Johnny Guitar Watson outro comments!
22. Guitar Solo ??origin unknown??

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