The Massive Improve'lence

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(to the rubber girl)
Hmmm! Dat quite a massive improve'lence, dah-lin'!
Jes' a few moments ago
you was well on yo' way to bein' severely ugly!
Now, thoo de magik o' stagekraff,
blubulence of yo' blobulence done reciprocated to a
respectumal reclusium! Yow! SCIENCE!
From: Vladmir Sovetov
  :-)) Fast and Bulbos Jelly was invented by Don Vliet.
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Ef y'all don't minds me sayin' so,
I b'lieves it's 'bout time fo yo
pathetical miniaturized replicas to FALL IN LOVE!
After all... dis lil' sucker already been fulla glue,
homo-sectional extrusiums, 'n
nothin' left fo' him to do,
'cept get catched by dis' lil' stinker over
  What's wrong with ARMY FOOD?
From: Patrick Neve <>
  Depends on the Army. In the US there are anecdontes aplenty about various corruptions of what constitutes food. Confinement-loaf-type stuff. The lowest grade foodstuffs produced here have historically gone to prison systems and the army.
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Do de Pope shit in de woods?
  Is it common saying?
From: Patrick Neve <>
  Well, sort of. When someone asks a question so rhetorically affirmative that it needs not be replied, two traditional counter-questions are:
  "Is the Pope Catholic?"
  "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
  In other words, as if to say.. "of course".
  A not-so-clever twist on this is to ask if the pope shits in the woods, the humor of which is solely the visual component of the question.
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From: "Dennis Guertin" <>
  Some form of wild ass.
  Equus asinus - The Wild Burro was first introduced into the Desert Southwest by Spaniards in the 1500s. Wild Burros have long ears, a short mane and reach a height of up to 5 feet at the shoulders. They vary in color from black to brown to gray.
  Originally from Africa (where they were called the Wild Ass) these pack animals were prized for their hardiness in arid country. They are sure-footed, can locate food in barren terrain and can carry heavy burdens for days through hot, dry environments.
From: Walter Moczygemba <>
  I can't help but suspect that Frank had a specific reference in mind when Harry sings "I want a nun/I want a burro." There's a set of pornographic photos taken, I think, in the '60s, in which two women dressed as nuns have sex with a donkey. Much like the girl in the pig book, the girl in the dog book, and the one with the horse. Incidentally, I once saw an album by a band called Rapeman that I think is named after the same pictures: "Two Nuns and a Pack Mule." And come to think of it, there's an entire scene in the film "Austin Powers" about the Swedish Apparatus.
  Check out Strictly Genteel (The Final). 200 Motels
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I think this is going too far, Mr. THING-FISH!
I haven't even had a chance to fall in love, or
to grow to maturity yet!
The ARTIFICIAL RHONDA is pining away
for my wholesome companionship,
just over there! This isn't right!
You're letting everything get all out of sequence!

Whoa! I gots yo' '
SEQUENCE' hangin', boy!
Get outs de way! Cain't y'see dat de mizzable cock-sucker
you ultimately gwine become done fell in love wit' a
'MAMMY NUN'! Awright, which one idit, sweetheart?
From: "Dennis Guertin" <>
  Harry-As-A-Boy complains that the story/show is getting all out of sequence and this is TFs way of reassuring him he's got it under control. Same thing with the previous "I've got you lanuage hangin'"
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gather de mo' sensitive MAMMYS together fo'
harmonicizatiumal purposes,
while de ones with de
M.B.A.'s hit de lobby 'n
sell some shit, 'fo de customers over-run yo' ass!
  M.B.A = Master Of Business Administration
From: "Dennis Guertin" <>
  Seem to remember FZ saying the two worst things to hit the 60's (?) was LSD and MBA. His contempt for record executives reducing art to a plus or minus column on a balance sheet is well-known.

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