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Once upon a time, musta been 'round October,
few years back, in one o' dose
TOP SECRET LABMO-TORIES de gubbnint keep stashed away
underneath Virginia,
an EVIL PRINCE, occasion'ly employed
set to woikin' on a plot
fo de systematic
unwanted highly-rhythmic individj'lls an' sissy-boys!
  OK, that's the same old idea, you can't track its origins way back to 200 Motels via Joe's Garage.
  For Virginia as CIA link check out BROADWAY THE HARD WAY. Dickie Such An Asshole.
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he arranged to have
a good-will visit to
'long wit some country-westin mu-zishnin's,
  San Quentin State Prison in San Rafael, California.
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'n sprinkle a little bit of it
on some of de boys in deahhh
(since dey done used a few of 'em befo'
when dey was messin' wit de
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  It's a reference to so called TUSKEGEE SYPHILIS EXPERIMENT. Below is a quote
  "In 1932 the American Government promised 400 men - all residents of Macon County, Alabama, all poor, all African American - free treatment for Bad Blood, a euphemism for syphilis which was epidemic in the county. Treatment for syphilis was never given to the men and was in fact withheld. The men became unwitting subjects for a government sanctioned medical investigation, The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male. The Tuskegee Study, which lasted for 4 decades, until 1972, had nothing to do with treatment. No new drugs were tested; neither was any effort made to establish the efficacy of old forms of treatment. It was a nontherapeutic experiment, aimed at compiling data on the effects of the spontaneous evolution of syphilis on black males. What has become clear since the story was broken by Jean Heller in 1972 was that the Public Health Service (PHS) was interested in using Macon County and its black inhabitants as a laboratory for studying the long-term effects of untreated syphilis, not in treating this deadly disease."
  And Frank did really sort of believe that AIDS was very probably another Bad Blood experiment of US governement.
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Den dey wen' up to de warden's office
fo' some
HOT TODDY, watchin' a little
football while dey's waitin' to see what gone happen!
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  In fact any hot alcoholic beverage. Below is one of the numerous recipe available
Title: Grog (Hot Toddy)
Categories: Beverages, Germany
Yield: 4 Servings
4 c Water 1 ea Lemon - juiced
1/2 c Sugar 4 ea Cinnamon sticks 3"
2 c Rum
  Bring water to a boil in saucepan. Dissolve sugar in boiling water. Stir in rum and lemon juice. Carefully pour drink into heatproof glasses or mugs containing 1 cinnamon stick each. Serve hot.
  Variation - substitute 1/3 cup maple syrup for 1/2 cup sugar.
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Fact o' de matter were: NOTHIN' HAPPENED,
so dey went off'n dribbled it in a
special shipnint of
dat went out 'bouts NOVEMBER!
From: Istvan Fekete ( wrote:
  I figured out 99% of thingfishspeak, but what is galoot? If somebody could give me an update it would be a massive improv'lence.
From: Jason M Arvey:
  I don't think it is based on a real word, but a parody of the brand name Brut Cologne.
From: Patrick Neve (
  While that might be true, "galoot" does exist in the american english slang. An indefinite adjective roughly equivalent to "lug" or "oaf". As used by Yosemite Sam; "C'mere before I blast ya, ya long-eared Galoot!"
From: Bil Hansen (
  _Collins English Dictionary_ has: galoot (also galloot) slang, chiefly USA, 19th century, origin unknown: a clumsy or uncouth person.
  _Webster's Third New International Dictionary_ has:
  galoot, origin unknown, slang: FELLOW, PERSON, esp. a man who is strange, odd or foolish <such a simple-minded, honest kind of galoot - Robert Lowry> <till that crazy galoot caught up with me - Earle Birney> <a man of any size feels like a galoot in that tomfool outfit - Jean Stafford> <tell me to my face that I'm a galoot and a hick - Sinclair Lewis>
  The Oxford English Dictionary 2nd ed. has a more extensive set of usage examples. It divides the usages into two.
  The first set of usages are the oldest, when the word was used as military slang, especially naval slang, for a soldier. Starting in 1812 (_The Flash Dictionary_) with galloot being used for 'a soldier' and in 1867 (_The Sailor's Wordbook_) with galoot used for 'an awkward soldier ... a young or "green" marine'.
  The second set of usages are chiefly USA (but also include Australian English and Irish English), with the word being used for:
  'an awkward or uncouth fellow: often used as a term of good natured depreciation' (from the USA _Standard Dictionary_ no date given).
  Usage examples include those from: Mark Twain (_Innocents at Home_, 1869); Artemus Ward (_Among the Fenians_ 1866); Ion Idriess (_In Crocodile Land_, 1946); and _New Statesman_ (1966).
From: (Daniel Sissman)
  "Galoot" is a movie-western-type word which translates roughly as "big oaf". "colognuh" is Thing-Fish's mispronunciation of cologne. In this case, "Galoot" seems to be the brand name of the cologne to which the government added the secret ingredient. . .
From: (Biffyshrew)
  Right you are, Daniel. Also, Galoot in this instance is a deformed reference to the brand name Brut. Brut Cologne is mentioned in the original lyrics of "The Blue Light," of which the track "Galoot Update" from Thingfish is a remixed, overdubbed, mangled and otherwise sexually molested version.
From: (Beastrow)
  It's a bastardization of Brut Cologne. Listen to "Blue Light" on "Tinseltown Rebellion". The band says the phrase at the end, but they pronounce it "Brut Cuh-Log-Na".
From: cx832@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Rich Kegarise)
  Yes, "galoot" should probably be interpreted as an "old codger" or something to that effect, but what if it means something else?
  What if it is onomatopoetic? What if the word "galoot" is used to describe the sound of liquid (cologna in this case) pouring out of a bottle (say the word "galoot" (to yourself, please) several times in a row. It sounds like a cartoony-type sound effect of water being poured.
  What do you think?
  Check out also BONGO FURY variation Proofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead.
Two hundred years have gone ka-poot!
Ah but we have been astute!
Signed: Anon. - Wyo. Galoot!
  And Brut Cologne explained
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Next thing y'know, fagnits be droppin' off
like flies...'long wit a large
number of severely-tanned individj'lls,
pre-zumnably of
From: "Dennis Guertin" <>
  This is the idea that one route AIDS took to enter the US was via Americans going on sex holidays to Haiti. The "severely tanned" would be lighter skinned people than presumably ThingFish was, and the correct statement would be "...of Haitian extraction!"

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