Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live on stage in Copenhagen)

Notes and Comments

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Ian: My name is Ian Underwood
And I am
straight member of the group
From: David Thomas <>
  I think the interpretation would be rather literal. Ian, with his music degree, is not a freak, and considers himself to be the "straight" (conservative) member of the band. I doubt that the other meaning of "straight" (erect) "member" (penis) was intended by Ian when he spoke the line, but it was immediately exploited by FZ as he dropped in the "Wowie Zowie" comment.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Three related meanings, in no particular order of importance:
  1) heterosexual
  2) Not on drugs
  3) Normal
  I believe 2 was implied (perhaps 3). I always found it amusing since I knew that Frank insisted that all members of his bands be drug free. That may not have been the case with the early mothers.
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( Wowie Zowie)
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  And if we believe in written word it must be our sweet Pamela again. Here liners note for Freak Out! song You Didn't Try To Call Me... that
  ... was written to describe the situation in which Pamela Zarubica found herself last spring ( Wowie Zowie is what she says when she's not grouchy ... )
And I said I like your music,
I'd like to come down to play with you.
Two days later I came up to the recording session
And Frank Zappa was sitting at the control room
I walk up and said
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  I believe it was We're Only In It... recording session.

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