Louie Louie (At the Royal Albert Hall In London)

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Cheese: The first thing that
attracted me to the Mothers music
Was the fact that
they played for twenty minutes
Everybody was hissing, and booing,
and falling of the dance floor
And Elmer was yelling at them to get
Off the stage
and turn down they're amplifiers
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Once again the piece appeared to be kind of Pamela Zarubica recollection
From: (John V. Scialli)
  Text taken from the notorious 1972 poor-excuse-for-a-book "No Commercial Potential" by David Walley. (pp.56-57 of 1980 edition )
  "She first saw Frank Zappa while she and Julia were waiting to get into the Trip. The guest guitarist came in from the back. 'He used to wear this big fur coat that looked like it was made out of dead cat....I thought he looked like Omar Sharif. I always called him Omar. He played a tune with the Grass Roots.' After that, she saw him around with Vito and Carl Franzoni. <Note: Carl is the original Hungry Freak. Vito had the first crash pad for freaks and was the connecting force amongst LA freakdom> Finally Frank opened at the Trip. 'I sat there through the first set while they were playing Brown Shoes Don't Make It, and I was thinking to myself that I was a creep because my shoes were brown and then I remembered they were moccasins so I was okay again. They played Help I'm A Rock for twenty minutes and everyone went *Ugh*....I loved it. He came over after the set and said, 'I'm glad you could make it' and I said, 'So am I.''
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FZ: Ah! I know perfect thing
to accompany this man's trumpet,
None other than the mighty
majestic Albert Hall pipe organ
From: (Chris Grace)
  It was 1969, as I remember (I was at the concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London). The RAH has a stage in front of a tiered seating arrangement (for a choir) and in the centre of this is a large pipe organ. After FZ made the statement, Someone who memory tells me was Don Preston (I might be wrong here) opened a little gate, went rushing up the stairs to the organ and really let it rip.
  I remember this particular concert (out of the 5 I went to) because the PA system really *did* eat it. Frank gave one of his monologues which was almost unintelligible due to the PA system and the legendary terrible acoustics in the Royal Albert Hall; the bits you could hear seemed to indicate that the entire band had their naked buttocks pressed against the windows of the bus that picked them up all the way from the airport into central London. Frank described this as 'Brown Eyeing'
  'Louie Louie' has a remarkable influence on 'Florentine Pogen' as well...
  Now I come to think of it I can probably confirm the date even better. At the concert they were selling programmes which were made up from the cover of the booklet which came out with 'Uncle Meat'. FZ actually said that the concert was being taped and would be on the album. I never bought the album on vinyl; Reprise refused to release it in the UK and it actually came out on Transatlantic, an independent label (and quickly went out of print). I bought the CD a few years ago and the Concert Booklet (which I still have) is basically a full-sized version of the booklet which comes with the CD, using the same cover but different inside pages.
  On the back inside cover is one of Cal Shenkel's little notes which says something about working all night so that the films could be flown to London; I presume that he was working on the album cover some time before it was released and they decided to use the cover art for the concert programme.
  And now goes really professional:-))) report about event as cited by Michael Gray (Mother! 1994 edition p.98)
  It was written up graphically in both music press and the 'straight' press. Melody Maker reported:
  "There is the mighty and majestic Royal Albert Hall Pipe Organ", said Zappa cooly as audience fell about. Mother Don leapt from the stage and like a mischevous ape clambered up the balconies high above and settled into the organ nook. He fumbled about in the darkness - got a rousing ovation when he found the light switch and settled in. Zappa hitched his breeches and drawled into the mike: "Play something for the kids, Don, play something that'll really sock it to 'em - like 'Louie Louie'!" And lo - true to his word - the giant Royal Hall pipe organ burst forth with life and 'Louie Louie'. Ad lib laughter for the rest of the concert".
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Louie Louie
From: ep183@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Steve Roche)
  A neat book by Dave Marsh is called 'Louie,Louie: The History & Mythology of the World's Most Famous Rock 'n' Roll Song; Includeing the Full Details of Its Torture and Persecution at the Hands of the Kingsmen, J. Edgar Hoover's F.B.I., and a Cast of Millions; and Introducing, for the First Time Anywhere, the Actual Dirty Lyrics.' Also includes Zappa explaining Louie, Louie as a stock module, Hendrix, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Stooges, et al.
  A nice documentaion of pop history.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  BTW, another nice study of Louie Louie history and FZ fondness for the song could be found at
  And let's not forget maybe 4 seconds [of Louie Louie] on "Welcome to the US" on The Yellow Shark.
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  Not to mention the whole basis of "Plastic People". It also pops up in "Dupree's Paradise" on YCDTOSA Volume Two, and various other places. Richard Berry is in the list of influences on Freak Out. Society Pages ran a story on "Louie Louie" in FZ's music.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  And don't forget Ruthie-Ruthie (YCDTOSA vol.2) and couple of bars after "Sam was a basket case!" on BONGO FURY.
  See lyrics and short history of R.Berry's original at Appendix.

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