Album covers mystery explanation

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  Album covers mystery explanation
From: (NudeAdGuy)
  For a complete description straight from the Zappa's mouth, pick up a copy of "You Cant Do That..." Volume 1. See the liner notes for "Zomby Woof" on said CD...
From: (Cliff Heller)
  More stuff in volume III (or maybe IV) where Ray White sings "Nigger Biznis" while choking on tear gas.
  At least one of the banners reads "vaffanculo" which translates essentially as "go fuck yourself"
  [Here is me, Vladimir, with a little addition. Whatever "vaffanculo" is "go fuck yourself" or just simple "fuck you" the digits 3-1 besides it is soccer game score. The Italy beat German in the 1982 World Cup Final. And now Cliff again...]
  This album cover is very very cool. Zappa as Ranxerox.
From: (Gary Cook)
  You just need to check out the RANXEROX comic books by the famous italians Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore - fantastically drawn futuristic amoral mayhem (sounds just like the Pistoia (sp?) concert that TMFUtopia's cover is parodying, to me)... Anyhow, they are IMO some of the nicest looking comic art ever.
  _also_ ------and I've always been amazed by this - in the foreword to the paperback version of "Rankxerox in New York" (pub. Catalan Communications, copyright 1984,1986 ISBN 0-87416-027-8) is a photograph of FRANK, sitting with the artist and writer sitting at an outdoor cafe table, apparently discussing an open copy of one of the comics. I have always fondly imagined that this is a photo of the original meeting to arrange the drawing of that great cover. (Trivia - there is one stubbed cigarette butt in the ashtray - from this, can we conclude that neither Lib. nor Tamb. smoke, and they hadn't been there long?)
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  And here is couple of years later the scientific explanation of vaffanculo pizza football extravaganza. Thanks Rudi!
From: Rudi Chiarito (
  It's a short form of "va' a fa' 'nculo" (all apostrophes, no accents there), which in turn is short for "vai a fare in culo".
  "Vai" is an imperative, singular: "go". It's also present indicative, but in that case it never gets abbreviated. "a fare", literally "to do/make", is in this case "to fuck". "in culo" is "in the ass". Sometimes it's introduced by "ma" (="but"), sometimes you just see "fanculo", sometimes a Southerner will turn that "c" into a "g": don't worry, it's still a message of unconditional love.
  In the South it's common to qualify further such kind affection, by specifying whom you are invited to go with. Invariably, it's "your mother" or "your sister". Sometimes all that remains are the words "to(with) your mother/sister"; "vaffanculo" is implicit. Be careful now and don't confuse that with "of your mother/sister", which is short for "that [random qualification, typically 'whore'] of ...".
  There's also a first southern variant, "vafammocca". Just one "f". "'mmocca"="in bocca" (in the mouth). That didn't spread to the whole nation like its twin, though. Had it done so, it would have probably been assimilated as "vaffambocca", as with the Roman "saltimbocca".
  Another northern variant is "va' in figa". "figa"="pussy".
  Linguistics rules.

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