Tink Walks Amok

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  Ok, Tink is a nickname of Arthure Barrow. Was the song named so due to some Tink's impossible bass guitar parts?-))))
From: (Arthur Barrow)
  Basically you are correct. I didn't know that Frank had named it after me until the album came out. Most of what you hear in that track is me, other than the drum stuff. It does have a few tricky parts. "Tink" does have an interesting musical evolution. The main lick of the first section used to be callled "Atomic Paginini". I had a written part on that, but we never played it live to my recollection. At the time of the Tink recording, I had been at Franks house doing a lot of bass, guitar and keyboard tracks. I think on Tink we started with a drum machine beat and started layering parts on top of that. He reminded me of the "Atomic" lick, we discussed it a bit, then we began recording. As the tape was rolling, he would point to different strings and frets on my bass and tell me where to take the lick next. He was writing it as we were recording! Then he remembered this cool arrangement of "13" we used to play in rehearsal that had never been played live. We punched in with that, and I recorded my part to it, with some variations. Then I started overdubbing the other parts, like the little mini micro bass. Chad came over on a different day to record the drums. I was surprised that Frank didn't overdub all the keyboard and guitar parts to the "13" part of the tune - it was a great arrangement. It is based on the "13" lick that is on the recorded jam version, but much more, like a whole new tune, really. I have a recent recording of the Banned From Utopia doing a killer version of it. It will probably come out on a second BFU CD - someday.
  Oh yeah, Tink was my childhood nicknmame. A guy I knew from San Antonio, the singer Christopher Cross, in a chance meeting with Frank in a NY restaurant, told Frank that Tink was my nickname. Frank, of course thought this was hilarious. (There is another entire story related to Cross and "Teenage Wind" - that song was "inspired" by "Ride Like the Wind" after Frank had only heard me attempting to play and sing it on a Wurlitzer piano after I had heard it only once on the car radio! When a friend of mine told Cross about Frank's song, Cross said "I hope he doesn't release it while I'm peaking! When I told this to Frank, he said "Oo, I've been in the business 15 minutes and I'm peaking!")

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