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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Wrong date on the booklet: it was performed on November 8, 1974 (source: affz, Pat Buzby (his source: "Society Pages")).
  Bootleg(s) in which this version has appeared:
  • "Myster Box (The Rondo Hatton Band)" (10 LP).
From: Tom Troccoli (
  I actually wrote an article about this for the ol' US-Society Pages (ish 5). I used the complete full 200 Motels script for my resource, as well
as pre-production interviews and notes. You may be surprised to learn that even Babette (YCDTOSA 1) was intended to be a 200 Motels tune.
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Y'know, (we could share a love)
Babbette (we could share a love)
I know I had to go on a tour with Zappa
That's what
Marty said, but Babbette,
  Marty is, of course, Marty Perellis the 70s Frank's road manager. And you can hear his very own voice doing intro on YCDTOSA 3. Dickie's Such An Asshole
  See also
  • OVERNITE front cover
  • OSFA. Florentine Pogen
  • YCDTOSA vol.4 Smell My Beard
From: Patrick Neve
  What DID actually happen with Marty and the dogs? Surely they were only referring to his human female companions. Or did he actually take his pets on tour?
From: "Peter de B. Harrington" <>
  Every Holiday Inn has kennel in back of 'em. No Marty had his dogs (2 Great Danes if I remember), and the female companions were the boogers. Of course, I always wondered if Frank ever literally palmed a booger (not a girl but the snot ball) off on anyone. The dogs were the dogs.
From: Fred H. Banta <>
  I can't remember the exact story, but I recall from one of the San Carlos 74 tapes the story of two boogerbears with two dogs and Marty. I think there was also a story about Ruth getting herself off with a Sanyo vibrator.

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