The Florida Airport Tape

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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Wrong date on the booklet and probably wrong correction on the YCDTOSA 2 booklet, which states April, 1970.
  The Florida Airport Tape couldn't have been recorded in April 1970. Flo & Eddie did not join Zappa until after his concert with Zubin Mehta in May '70. Probably recorded sometime in fall 1970.
From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Also, note that at 0:14 there's a reference to San Antonio and that "Diphteria Blues" from "Playground Psycothics" is about a diphteria in San Antonio and is recorded in a Florida dressing room according to the FZ PP liner notes". Unfortunately I don't understand what this guy says about San Antonio here in FAT and also I don't undestand the lyrics to "Diptheria Blues". Please, English mother tongue people solve this little mistery
From: Patrick Neve (
  Can anyone else hear Aynsley Dunbar talking to someone about their tour? There seems to be some mystery as to when they were in Florida.
  According to naurin's tape list;
  • ??-??? 1970, Unknown location
  • 12-Jun 1970, San Antonio, Tx
  According to other sources, the Mothers were in Amsterdam by this time, which sounds more likely.
  • 18-Jun 1970, Amsterdam, Holland, Live at VPRO, Dutch Television
  • 24-Jun 1970, Fillmore West, San Francisco
  • 23 (or 25?)-Aug 1970, Pepperland, San Rafael, Ca
  • 6-Nov 1970, Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca
  • 13- or 14?-Nov 1970, Fillmore East, NYC
  • 20-Nov 1970, Columbus Veteran's Memorial Stadium
  • 27-Nov 1970, Manchester Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK
  ..and then a bunch of European dates.
  In the Florida Airport tape, while Mark is talking about his puke, I hear the following simultaneous conversation;
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(whistling) Boy!
MV: -Yeah, uh, I'm just asking any-everybody here,
Did anybody see me puke on stage?
Unknown: What you doin', tourin' the country?
AB: Yeah.
HK: Didja?
MV: I puked on stage.
AB: We started in
San Antonio
HK: You puked on stage?
AB: And then Palo Alto, Orlando, and then Jacksonville,
and then we're doin' Europe.
MV: I did, man. An' I was singin', right in the middle of singin' Easy
Meat or somethin', an all of a sudden I started pukin' outta my mouth
an' I just put my hand over my mouth, an' I had, (laugh)
HK: Ohhhh,
From: Patrick Neve (
  That would mean that the tour started in San Antonio show, putting the unknown dated tape at a later time. I would also bet that they didn't get to Am*Dam until a later date, as he doesn't mention having been to Europe yet. I think he mentions Palo Alto, so maybe that includes the California stuff in June, but then it gets a litle disjointed, skipping back and forth between the Pacific and the Atlantic. If one cuts some slack to the tapers who maybe got a date or two wrong, there was time for them to tour Florida conceivably in July, or June, as the YCDTOSA volume I booklet suggests. I see no doubt, though, as Pat Buzby pointed out, that it couldn't have been April as the "correction" in the Stage volume II books states, as Flo & Eddie hadn't joined yet.

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