Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Wrong band and imprecise date on the booklet: Ike Willis must be added to the line-up listed, for the date [Black Page zine] so speaks:
  • Don't eat the Yellow Snow: Feb 19
  • Nanook rubs it: Feb 18 first show (poem parts) Feb 19 (religion rap) first part misses a poem recited by Warren
  • St Alphonzo's to Rollo: Feb 18 first show
  Some YCDTOSA series poetry Conceptual Continuity/Statistical Density clues (see also "King Kong" from "YCDTOSA 3").
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With a le-he-head- (lead)
Fill-hill-hilled (lead-filled)
With a lead filled snowshoe (snowshoe)
He said, "Peekaboo" (
Butzis too)
  Al(Joe's Garage Officer Butzis) Malkin
  See also. TTR. Peaches III
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And then I proceeded to rub it all
into his beady little eyes with a
vigorous circular motion hitherto unknown
to the citizens of
Canarsie, but
destined to take the place of the mudshark
in your mythology,
From: (DVacc15466)
  Canarsi is a section of Brooklyn, NY. I have family that lives there. And if my memory is right, I think thats where Warren Cucarillo comes from.
From: Jonathan Kiebon <>
  Canarsie is not just a Guitar piece on shut up-n- play it's the Home & birthplace of several notable Zappa alumni i.e Warren(Sophia Warren) Cuccurullo,i Al(Officer Butzis Malkin).
  It's the place where Everyone Looks The Same.
From: "William H. Clements" <>
  My wife says every THING looks the same there. If you go to any street corner in Carnarsie, you see precisely the same configuration of buildings.
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Waitta minute, waitta minute,
I think I like the poem better than the
jumping. More poetry, please!

"Rotten gulls beating with large rubber sails!
Who cares? Now it is light!"

Alone in the hissing laboratory of his wishes,
Mr. Pugh minces among bad vats and jerebaums,
spinneys of murdering herbs,
And prepares to compound for Mrs. Pugh
A venomous porridge hitherto unknown to toxicologists
From: (TAN Mitsugu)
  Anyway, I've found another piece of information on YCDTOSA Vol.1. It's not my own finding, though. It's from Society Pages #7. I've read the lyrics of Vol.1, and this reading reminded me of an article which was in the 'DIDJA KNOW...' column of SP #7. It says:
  DIDJA KNOW the origin of that twisted poem ("Alone in the hissing laboratory of his wishes...etc.") that Frank recites during the "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" suite from YCDTOSA, VOL.1? It comes from "Under Milk Wood", a poem by Dylan Thomas. Since Frank misquotes the middle part of the poem, dropping a few words, it would seem that he must have been reciting it from memory.
  I tried to check it by going to my university's library. Then I did find the quoted paragragh. Here's the original:
Alone in the hissing laboratory of his wishes,
Mr Pugh minces among bad vats and jeroboams,
tiptoes through spinneys of murdering herbs,
agony dancing in his crucibles, and mixes
especially for Mrs Pugh a venomous porridge
unknown to toxicologists which will scald and
viper through her until her ears fall off like figs,
her toes grow big and black as balloons,
and steam comes screaming out of her navel.
  Source: Society Pages #7, p.52. Dylan Thomas, "Under Milk Wood", J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd., London, 1954, p.63.
  It's interesting that while FZ himself said 'reading a book make me sleep', he did remember Dylan Thomas's poetry. The result of higher education?
From: "Carlton B Morgan" <>
  Check this out: very shortly after the passage of Dylan Thomas quoted by Frank on "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" stage version, another character in the play, Lord Cutglass, "drinks from a bowl marked Fido".
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Right down to the parish of St. Alphonzo.
What, another poem?

"I want a garden.
I want a garden where the flowers have no flowers.
I want a garden where the trees have no leaves.
I want a garden where the tre-weeds don't even grow.
I want a garden.
I want MY garden.
I want the garden where there are no colors.
I want to water that garden.
I'll garden that with my tears.
Whilst that garden was the trees,
Was the leaves, water me with my own."

(Sounds like a bunch of kids to me)
Oh, you want kindergarten.
(Denny strikes!)
Not bad, not bad. What's the title of that?
  The guy who sounds deranged is rambling about a garden "I want a garden" (This later shows up on the King Kong medley on YCDTOSA vol 3) and makes reference to "Broadmoor". This is an institution for the criminally insane/psychotic - a prison hospital in the UK.
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"Broadmoor", alright.
Warren, do you know one called
Lefrack City?
From: (John V. Scialli)
  Lefrak City (built by a Mr. Lefrak [sic?]) is in Flushing (Queens) New York (or close by [I'm from Jersey so cut me some cheese]). It was the first and "model" comglomeration of apartment buildings, fairly low rent with self-contained and close by amenities, markets and such. kinda now, kinda charley, very uglie.
From: (Bill Lantz)
  Right and during the 2/18/79 Hammy Odeon show while all the poetry reading was going on during Yellow Snow, a part that didn't make YCDTOSA was Warren reciting his little Lefrak City "poem" at Frank's request. Maybe that's where you heard it Tony.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you, THANK!
Denny, Ikey, Tommy, Eddie, Petey, Vinnie, Artie,
Sophia Warren on guitar,
I forgot your name on poetry
but thanks for reciting it anyway, thanks for
coming to the show, hope you enjoyed it, and, goodnight!
  Sophia Warren is of course funny cross between names of Warren Cuccurullo and italian actress Sophia Loran
From: (Brian Ekberg)
  Does the bass play the crazy lick during the instrumental section of "St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast?" on YCDTOSA Vol. 1? (Boil That) Arthur plays counterpoint during the first bit, then switches to unison with the melody for the last part. It's astonishing. I seem to recall it was one of his audition pieces - is that correct, Arthur?
From: "Arthur W. Barrow" <>
  That's right, you heard right. The original Apostrophe version had the bass playing the counterpoint throughout. I had learned the melody by ear for my audition, and Frank had me play the melody in the second half of that section for our live version. I'm glad somebody noticed! That instrumental section is called "Rollo", by the way. I believe that the YCDTOSA version was from the night we were all victims of "Diseases of the Band". It was a 3 hour show. I played the show sitting on a stool next to a bucket, which I used a few times.)
  (in answer to what keyboard gear was being used) "Yellow Snow" has Tommy and Peter using a zillion things. (Although I suspect you're thinking of Tommy's Yamaha CS-80 in conjunction with his EMU Poly-key thing plus the Vocoder - he manned them as if they were one unit, and this was pre-MIDI.

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