Introduction II

False discussion on over-dubs

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  General notes on the bass drum sound:
From: (Remco Takken)
  Well, you just can't believe anything you see and hear, can you (sorry for the Hendrix quote on Zappa). Ruben & the Jets never mentioned any overdubs on the cd... YCDTOSA #2 believe it or not, has the bass drum of Chad Wackerman on it. The original Chester notes were put on harddisc, and from there the new bass drum sound was triggered. It's still Chester's playing, with a new sound attached to it. I heard this information from an extreme Zappa freak and sound specialist called Nick Roovers (still a chance that I fucked up his information, blame me in that case). I happen to like this sound a lot, especially on headphones, check out the other Chester Thompson passages on other YCDTOSA volumes. You can now recognise Thompson for a sound he never heard himself, because Chad Wackerman never played that way...
  There are only other two tracks from this band on the series: "Smell My Beard" and "The Booger Man" both from YCDTOSA 4. The Gorilla bass drum sounds different in these two, more natural to me also.
  And, again on this subject, a word from our Keneally:
  Good ear - that's actually a triggered sample of Chad's bass drum throughout the Helsinki album. I wonder if Chester knows about it? I also wonder how Frank and Bob managed to isolate Chester's kick drum frequency (I'm assuming it didn't occupy its own track) effectively enough to trigger the sample. Mr. Stone? You lurking?
From: "Bossk (R)" <>
  Oh God. Bob Stone just e-mailed me a one-word reply: "False".
  No, I'm not making it up - Bob Stone really denies the rumour. I think that desperately needs to be included in the FAQ.

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