Pygmy Twylyte

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Waahhh! Wait a minute
Don't spray that stuff in my eyes
All we're tryin' to do is to have a little party
Somebody tell me if the bluesy ...
was your little party
Make me wanna jump up and down
I said aaahhh!
  (In the "Stage #2" version of Pygmy Twylyte) at 5:36 isn't that a total ripoff of "The World is a Ghetto"? I'm burning my entire collection of Zappa stuff because of this.
From: Tom Tuerff (
  Yup, that's the old "War" horse. 'Course, at the time it was a very popular song. Since Frank was never above throwing in anything that intrigued him, I'm inclined to think he rather liked this song.
From: Patrick Neve <>
  Yeah. "War" is a group that was very popular in the early to mid 70's, with songs like "Slippin' Into Darkness", "Low Rider", "Cisco Kid", and "The World Is A Ghetto". They were a multiracial group that fused rock, soul, funk, and twisted it up with latin percussion while at the same time sounded extremely raw and rough around the edges. While groups like Earth Wind And Fire were sounding as slick as snot, War gained a following that appreciated its rootsy sound and conscious message. At first they were led by Eric Burdon.
  I like 'em a lot, I don't know why mwcook bashes them so. While the particular guitar phrase he quotes does follow the head from "The World Is A Ghetto", it's my opinion that it was accidental. For one thing it's an unremarkable and very common little lick that every guitar palyer will hit at some point, and for another I don't hear anything in Zappa's phrasing that would indicate he's changing gears in order to quote a song. I think it's just a moment in the solo that at least these two people happen to think sounds like another song.
Honey, honey
Honey, honey
Honey, honey
Too young!
Honey, honey
Wait a minute!

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