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'N then I might just sorta
Jump back on
An' ride
Like a dipshit
Into the dawn to Montana

Movin' to Montana soon
Movin' to Montana soon
From: Christopher Ekman (
  For some reason, that "ride like a dipshit" line just ruins my day.
From: Robert Garvey (
  Here's a theory about how that variation on the lyrics came to be. I was at a in 1984 a couple of days before that rendition of "Montana" was recorded. The evening of Frank's birthday there was a concert at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, California. That's down the peninsula from San Francisco. During the concert this big guy came down the aisle and stood in at the edge of the revolving round stage. Frank stopped the band and told the guy to get back to his seat. Undaunted, this fellow reappeared at the stage later in the concert, while "Montana" was being played. Frank was quite taken by this persistence and not only stopped the band, but stuck a microphone in front of the guy, giving him a chance to express himself. The guy just bellowed incoherently. He was once more sent back to his seat and the band started back in where they'd left off in "Montana" just before the "I'm pluckin' the old dental floss that's growin' on the prairie" lines. I think the ``dipshit'' variation was made up on [then]

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