Smell My Beard (Duke/Zappa)

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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Wrong date on the booklet: it was performed on November 8, 1974 (source: affz, Pat Buzby (his source: "Society Pages")).
  Bootleg(s) in which these versions have appeared:
  • "Mystery Box (The Rondo Hatton Band)" (10 LP).
  In this bootleg the titles are different and are: "Boogers of Marty Perellis" and "White Juice on His Beard". The bootleg includes also a track, apparently from the same concert, called "Smell My Beard" which is not the SMB herein included and is still (December 1996) unreleased (see also " FAQ, Bootlegs Information, Part 1 of 3, Version 3.1, September, 1996").
FZ: Now the sound that you hear
in the background right now, is the sound
caused by George Duke,
agitating two metal insignias. These are badges
that he removed from a coupla
  Marty Perellis, of course
  Check out also YCDTOSA vol.1 Babbete for boogers/Marty discussion
George: Show, how y'was walking Marty. And he said: Smell my beard. I
said: I ain't gonna smell nothing. Napoleon said: I'll . . .
  Couple of Louie-Louie bars
Napoleon: Check it out, I told you, check it out, make sure . . .
  See also comments to Let's Move To Cleveland.

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