The Black Page Drum Solo/Black Page #1

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  In a recent post, Jeff Miller mentions that, according to Mike Brecker, "The Black Page" received its title because of the amount of notes on the manuscript "page." Has FZ or anyone else been quoted about this title?
From: (Mark A. Natola)
  I remember reading once that the title for TBP came from a comment by Terry "Ted" Bozzio when he saw the sheet music.
From: (Ron Meckler)
  I once saw an original manuscript of The Black Page at Don Preston's house. He explained that that was exactly the reason why it go its title. There were tons of notes!!
From: (Stephen Muth)
  I think the blackness from the black notes filling up the paper page is the correct interpretation, but am unable to substantiate with others' quotes and whatnot.
  The score can be found in the Feb 1987 Keyboard magazine, along with a piece of UNRELEASED vinyl containing some of FZ's (and Tommy Mars' ?) synclavier work.... a short interpretation of the music.
From: (Victor Eijkhout)
  The score can be found in the Feb 1987 Keyboard magazine,
  This is quite a good joke: it's printed on darkish green paper, and if you try to photocopy it, it comes out as .... a *black* *page* ...
  Pretty effective copy protection. With the copier on the lightest setting it still comes out blurred.
From: (David Demery)
  Which of the YCDTOSA discs has a recording of The Black Page?
  • Vol. 4 - `84 band (ska version)
  • Vol. 5 - `82 band (reggae version)
  Other versions are on:
  • Zappa In New York (hard version)
  • Zappa In New York (easy version)
  • Baby Snakes
  • Make A Jazz Noise Here (new-age version)
  • As An Am
  Subject: Re: There's No Violin on "Zappa in New York"
From: David Vincent Halpern (
  I know that Eddie Jobson plays violin; it's quite prominent in his work with UK. But has anyone here noticed that although he is listed as playing violin on "Zappa in New York", there are no violin parts to be found anywhere on the album? In fact, he's listed as playing violin throughout "Lather", too, and there are no audible parts there, either. I thought that I heard some violin on the "Lather" version of "Punky's Whips", but aside from that, I don't hear anything. Does anyone else hear ol' Eddie bowing away?
From: Jon Naurin (
  He plays along with the melody on "Black Page #1", which you can hear clearly on audience recordings from these shows. Quite impressive if you ask me, but for some reason FZ chose to mix him way down. I wonder if FZ excluded Jobson's violin work for any particular reason - as I (and lots of others) have pointed out many times, he delivered wonderful solos on "Black Napkins", and always recieved louder applauses than FZ's own solos (or maybe that's the explanation?)
  General Notes:
From: David Halpern (
  Ok, from what I have gathered (and heard for myself), Eddie plays violin on the following tracks:
  Black Page #1 (along with the melody)
  Punky's Whips (during the first instrumental break, after "Till I squirm with ecstacy"'s much more audible on _Lather_)
  Titties 'N Beer- (plucked chords during the dialogue)
  Big Leg Emma- It becomes prominent during the instrumental interlude, and carries on till the end of the song.
  ZINY has Eddie Jobson who used a clavinet, a Mini-Moog, a Rhodes, an organ and a transparent violin

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